Enlightenment by Trial and Error | NYC Launch Event

at Rubin Museum
150 West 17th Street
New York, NY

“There are plenty of “spiritual” books out there. But most are written by people who have searched and found answers, and who are now reporting those answers to you. But when I was starting out, I would have loved a book by someone still searching and figuring stuff out; still highly skeptical of the things people call “spiritual” but equally skeptical of the skeptics; and still questioning everything along the way. So now I”ve written that book.”
—Jay Michaelson in Enlightenment by Trial and Error.

To mark the release of Jay Michaelson’s new book Enlightenment by Trial and Error, Michaelson, a rabbi, dharma teacher, and former queer activist, talks with bestselling writer, TV anchor, and meditation advocate Dan Harris about his curiously skeptical exploration of “Jewish spirituality, postmodern Buddhism, and other mystical heresies” and the power that comes from not conforming to any one path in particular.

Jay Michaelson will be signing copies of Enlightenment by Trial and Error after the program..

The cost of the event includes a free copy of the book.

Buy a ticket here: https://rubinmuseum.org/events/event/dan-harris-jay-michaelson-11-18-2019