God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality


The myth that the Bible forbids homosexuality — the myth of “God versus Gay” — is behind some of the most divisive and painful conflicts of our day.   In this courageous and erudite book, Jay Michaelson shows that not only does the Bible not prohibit same-sex intimacy, the vast majority of its teachings support the full equality and dignity of gay and lesbian people, from the first flaw in creation (“It is not good for a person to be alone”) to the ways religious communities grow through reflection and conscience.  In short, Michaelson says, religious people should support equality for gays and lesbians not despite their religion — but because of it.  This is an important book for anyone who has wrestled with questions of religion and sexuality: parents and pastors, believers and skeptics, the faithful and the skeptical.



Village Voice (Michael Musto)  “I always thought the Bible could be interpreted as a tool of good, not randomly translated to favor hate and oppression.”

New Voices (John “The Godblogger” Wofford)

Lambda Literary (Thom Nickels)  Michaelson “writes with a graceful conviction, without the tinge of prejudice or a harsh axe to grind.”

Publisher’s Weekly “A salvo in the case for equality”

Library Journal (James DeRoche) “This title is very much worth reading and particularly useful for those interested in religion, civil rights, and social progress.”

Booklist (Ray Olson) “A literate, broadly informed argument”



“For too long, religious voices have been on only one side of the gay rights argument — to all of our detriment.  Jay Michaelson is one of the leading LGBT religious voices in America right now, and I cannot think of a more timely book than this one.  This is a book for anyone, gay or straight, who seeks to reconcile their faith with the lives of gay people — not by apologizing, compromising, or closeting one’s sexuality or one’s faith, but by celebrating God’s gifts of diversity and love.  If you are such a person, it literally could change your life.  Even if you aren’t, it might just change the world.”    – Rabbi Michael Lerner, chief editor, Tikkun, and author, The Left Hand of God

“Jay Michaelson charts a journey from rejection to full acceptance,  from religious alienation to spiritually wholeness that will brings the reader closer to the Divine. It did for me and it will for anyone who has felt abandoned by their faith and rejected for who they are. This is a healing book that yearns to be read.”  – Sharon Groves, PhD, Director, Human Rights Campaign Faith & Religion Program

“Michaelson looks at the Hebrew and Christian Bible with keen intellect, wit, and often surprising insights. He roots his arguments not in dry exegesis but in hard-won self-acceptance and passionate concern for others. I highly recommended ‘God vs. Gay?’ for anyone seeking to understand how being homosexual and religious are not antithetical.”
Joe Perez, author of Soulfully Gay


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