Another Word for Sky: Poems

Another Word for Sky, published in 2007, is the first collection of poetry by Jay Michaelson.

“Jay Michaelson is a poet of multitudes. His gift is not just his enviable ability attain the poetic voice very much his own, but also the skill to use this voice in poems that are quite different form each other and can speak on different levels at once. This skill to do many different things well is, I believe, quite rare in poetry of the generation to which this poet belongs.”  – Ilya Kaminsky

“They say shamans can be in two places at once—the material world and the spirit world. Jay Michelson can be in both those places at the same time—and more. He is a post-Wittgenstein philosopher, a ravished mystic, a queer Jew, a comedian, and a dazzling poet. Sometimes you will find him, like Whitman, loafing and inviting his soul. Sometimes it feels as if he is walking barefoot on broken glass or on burning coals. I salute his passion, his boundary-breaking, and the ceaseless vitality of his words.”  – Alicia Ostriker

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