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Leonard Cohen’s Profound, Posthumous Farewell

November 29, 2019 in Daily Beast

Gay Yoga Guru Johnson Chong Can Help Sort Out Your Karma and Dharma

August 25, 2019 in Daily Beast

These ‘Men in Black’ Think Aliens Made Your iPhone

July 02, 2019 in Daily Beast

Talmudic Transgressions: Engaging the Work of Daniel Boyarin

June 21, 2019 in Reading Religion

John Judis Says Progressives Should Embrace Nationalism

March 25, 2019 in Daily Beast

Super Bowl LIII Was Good for the Jews

February 04, 2019 in Daily Beast

Why Han Solo is the Most Goyish Star Wars Hero

May 29, 2018 in Forward

Philip Roth Turned the Sentence Into an Art Form

May 23, 2018 in Daily Beast

The Harvey Milk Nobody Knew

May 14, 2018 in Moment

Is the Decentralized “New Power” of Peer-Led Social Movements a Blessing or a Curse?

May 05, 2018 in Daily Beast

Thank You for Burning Man, Larry Harvey

April 29, 2018 in Daily Beast

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Intergenerational Trauma

April 22, 2018 in Forward

A Tale of Two Netanyahus: ‘7 Days in Entebbe’

March 16, 2018 in Daily Beast

Julius Eastman’s Brilliant Minimalist Music Lives On

January 27, 2018 in Daily Beast

Byron Katie Wants You to Ask if Everything You Know is Wrong

January 05, 2018 in Daily Beast

In Death Leonard Cohen Is in Danger of Becoming Cute

December 09, 2017 in Daily Beast

Was Marsha P. Johnson, Transgender Icon and Activist, Murdered by the Mob?

October 05, 2017 in Daily Beast

Isis Unveiled: The Heretical Gnosticism of Darren Aronofsky’s ‘mother!’

September 20, 2017 in Forward

Can Virtual Reality Help You Reach Enlightenment?

July 20, 2017 in Tricycle

The Must-See Films of Cinema’s Mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky

July 18, 2017 in Daily Beast

Solange Builds a Cathedral of Vulnerability at the Guggenheim

May 19, 2017 in Daily Beast

How the Blockbuster Art Show Got Small to Get Cool

May 13, 2017 in Daily Beast

Brian Williams’ Other Leonard Cohen Temptations

April 07, 2017 in Forward

You’ll Need a New Haggadah for Trump’s America

April 03, 2017 in Forward

Bernard-Henri Lévy’s Love Letter to Judaism

March 19, 2017 in Daily Beast

Andrew Ramer Is One of Our Most Righteous Men

January 29, 2017 in Forward

Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Explores Faith When God Keeps Quiet

January 05, 2017 in Forward

The Dharma of Westworld

December 07, 2016 in Tricycle

Pedro Almodóvar Has Made Twenty Films and Is Still Making Great Ones

December 02, 2016 in Daily Beast

So Long, Leonard Cohen—Holy Sinner, Poet, Friend

November 11, 2016 in Daily Beast

The Many Sides of Bob Dylan: A Nobel Laureate in Six Songs

October 13, 2016 in Daily Beast

Taylor Mac: Queer Artist-Shaman-Historian of the Century. Make That Two Centuries.

October 06, 2016 in Daily Beast

Leonard Cohen’s New Biblical Dirge Is Among His Best Songs Ever

September 21, 2016 in Daily Beast

Welcoming Everything You Experience (with Koshin Paley Ellison)

March 01, 2016 in Huffington Post

Forgiveness Is Good for You—So Why Can’t You Do It?

September 06, 2015 in Daily Beast

The Nakedness of the Bible

May 24, 2015 in Forward

No ghost in the machine: Anti-humanism of ‘Ex Machina’ makes it the post-Christian film of the year

May 08, 2015 in Washington Post

A Haggadah for Just About Every Taste

March 27, 2015 in Forward

How Hasidism Bridges Boundary Between Christianity and Judaism

February 04, 2015 in Forward

How ‘Klinghoffer’ Stereotypes Both Sides

October 27, 2014 in Forward

The Real Enemy of Marital Bliss Are Those Most Opposed to Marriage Equality

October 25, 2014 in Daily Beast

Live-Blogging The Rapture and the Demise of Nicolas Cage

October 16, 2014 in Forward

How Ruth Calderon Transforms Israeli Politics — and Talmud

September 12, 2014 in Forward

What ‘Dead Poets Society’ Taught Me About Living Deliberately

August 12, 2014 in Forward

‘Magic in the Moonlight’ Isn’t That Bad and Neither Is Woody Allen

August 05, 2014 in Forward

Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ Captures the Spirit of the Time

July 24, 2014 in Forward

How We Know the Bible Was Written by Human Hands

June 22, 2014 in Forward

233 Reasons Why Bob Dylan Is Right To Detest His Fans

June 03, 2014 in Forward

Reb Zalman’s December Song

April 23, 2014 in Forward

When Jesus Died at Auschwitz

April 17, 2014 in Forward

Lars Von Trier’s ‘Nymph()maniac’ Is Uncomfortable But Thought-Provoking

April 14, 2014 in Forward

Noah v. Kitschy Jesus: A Tale of Two Movies

March 27, 2014 in Religion Dispatches

The Surprising Jewish Flavor of Hayao Miyazaki, King of Japanese Animation

March 06, 2014 in Forward

Philip Glass Is Getting Older — for Better or Worse

February 01, 2014 in Forward

Yes, Marina Abramović Is Selling Out—and That’s OK

December 18, 2013 in The Atlantic

‘Hunger Games’ Is a Tea Party Dystopia

December 05, 2013 in Daily Beast

Seeking Harmony and Finding Transcendence at The Cloisters

November 15, 2013 in Forward

Will Mindfulness Change the World? Daniel Goleman Isn’t Sure

November 14, 2013 in Religion Dispatches

Beat Poet Finally Found What He Was Looking For

October 23, 2013 in Forward

Bob Dylan Rescues His Worst Album

September 18, 2013 in Forward

“To the Wonder”: Terrence Malick’s Mystical Lens

April 19, 2013 in Religion Dispatches

Making Sense of the Holiday Season’s Onslaught of New Haggadahs

March 14, 2013 in Forward

“Mad to Be Saved”: On the Road as Cautionary Tale

January 02, 2013 in Religion Dispatches

The Gospel According to Feuding Academics

September 05, 2012 in Forward

Review of James Kugel, ‘In the Valley of the Shadow’

September 03, 2012 in Hadassah

Apocalypse Now and Then: Our Global Death Wish

July 28, 2012 in Religion Dispatches

Man in Search of God

May 08, 2012 in Forward

Transgender, Scientologist, “Cult Hero”

April 19, 2012 in Religion Dispatches

Faeries in America

April 07, 2012 in Gay and Lesbian Review

‘Tis the Season for New Haggadot

March 23, 2012 in Forward

Jewish Roots of the New Testament

February 12, 2012 in Forward

‘Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life’ by Vivian Gornick

January 24, 2012 in Lambda Literary

Religious Belief or Mental Illness?: Jeff Nichols’ new film, “Take Shelter,” asks the question

December 10, 2011 in Religion Dispatches

‘The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt’ by Jon-Jon Goulian

September 14, 2011 in Lambda Literary

The Trouble With Harry (Potter): Religious Conservatives Do Have Something to Fear

July 14, 2011 in Religion Dispatches

‘Dendrophile’ by Justin Vivian Bond

July 04, 2011 in Lambda Literary

Tree of Life, Book of Job

June 01, 2011 in Religion Dispatches

Prime Time for Eprhyme

May 02, 2011 in Forward

For John Zorn, It’s Jewish Music as Bitches’ Brew

April 08, 2011 in Forward

Hysterical Heretical Hollywood Humanism: The Theology of The Adjustment Bureau

March 16, 2011 in Religion Dispatches

“Coming to Life” by Joy Ladin

February 14, 2011 in Lambda Literary

A Life After Death Double-Feature: Eastwood’s Hereafter and Noe’s Enter the Void

November 08, 2010 in Religion Dispatches

The Smile on the Dog: A Conversation on God with Rebecca Goldstein

July 23, 2010 in Jewish Publications (other)

Perplexed by the Guides? When It Comes to Kabbalah, Some Introductions Are More Illuminating Than Others

July 21, 2010 in Forward

Religion within the Bounds of Reason..and Love

June 02, 2010 in Forward

Why Is This Night Different? Who’s Asking?

March 17, 2010 in Forward

Taking Avatar Seriously: Environmentalisms, Spiritual and Practical

January 13, 2010 in Forward

The Meaning of Avatar: Everything is God (A Response to Ross Douthat and other naysayers of ‘pantheism’)

December 22, 2009 in Huffington Post

Ephryme: Engaged Hip Hop Jew

September 11, 2009 in Forward

Seven ideas suggested by empty air

December 15, 2008 in Literary Journals

Foreign Thoughts

December 01, 2008 in Literary Journals

Poets of the Desert and the Sea

November 07, 2008 in Forward

for the apocalypse will be infinitely silent

November 01, 2008 in Anthologies

Answers in the Seekers’ Language

September 19, 2008 in Forward

Are there any Jews in Narnia?

June 23, 2008 in Jewcy

Israel, Injustice, and Philip Glass’s Call to Arms

May 01, 2008 in Jewcy

Anti-Folk Hits The Right Note: Kimya Dawson Breaks Through With ‘Juno’

March 12, 2008 in Forward

The Path Of the Just: Is Mussar the ‘New Kabbalah’?

February 28, 2008 in Forward

Is ‘Cassandra’s Dream’ about Soon Yi?

February 14, 2008 in Jewcy

People Of the Chapbook: Jewish Poets as Jewish Teachers

January 23, 2008 in Forward

Seasons Going North

October 01, 2007 in Jewish Publications (other)

Portrait of the Artist as a Nice Jewish Boy

July 10, 2007 in Forward

The People’s Bible

June 19, 2007 in Forward

Fantasy and Totalitarianism: On Ministering to Special Cases

May 01, 2007 in Zeek

Leonard Cohen: Poet of the Holy Sinners

April 20, 2007 in Forward

Take Back the (Seder) Night

March 30, 2007 in Forward

Where the Borscht Sounds Like the Sea: Another Side of Woody Guthrie

February 09, 2007 in Forward

The Graphic (Novel) Side of Israel

January 19, 2007 in Forward

Shortbus: Best Gay Movie Ever (White Crane)

December 21, 2006 in LGBT Publications

Two Lawyers, Three Opinions

November 03, 2006 in Forward

Achieving the Ordinary (Review of Lev Raphael) (JBooks)

August 01, 2006 in Jewish Publications (other)

The Jewish Goddess: Past and Present

May 05, 2006 in Forward

Book of Esther gets Novel Makeover

March 10, 2006 in Forward

Holy Feast, Holy Fast Food, Judaism and Righteous Ambivalence

December 23, 2005 in Forward

Fragments of a Lost Jewish World

October 28, 2005 in Forward

Is happiness worth losing your memory?

October 04, 2005 in Slate

A Presence in the Wood

October 01, 2005 in Jewish Publications (other)

Priests by Birth: The Strange Essentialism of Adin Steinsaltz’s We Jews (JBooks)

October 01, 2005 in Jewish Publications (other)

Kabbalah: The Whistle Stop Tour (JBooks)

October 01, 2005 in Jewish Publications (other)

A Little off the Top: The Controversy About Circumcision

September 02, 2005 in Forward

Standing Again With Lilith; The Long and Winding Roads of Jewish Feminism

July 22, 2005 in Forward

Male and Female Created He Them

July 01, 2005 in Forward

Judaism, Meditation, and the B-Word

June 10, 2005 in Forward

A Theory of Everything- Understanding God, Love… and Franz Rosenzweig

May 13, 2005 in Forward

An Awakened Soul- The Lives and Lessons of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalom

May 13, 2005 in Forward

He Wandered the Earth as an Exiled Man: A review of Bob Dylan, Chronicles: Volume One

February 04, 2005 in Forward

The Knowing: A mystical poem

January 01, 2005 in Zeek

Three Jewish Books on Sadness: A rabbi, a widow, and a therapist address the demon of sadness

December 01, 2004 in Zeek

The Holy Fool: How One Writer Conveys Spiritual Truths That Are Seriously Funny

November 19, 2004 in Forward

Setting Yiddishkeit to Mambo, Metal, and Surf: Jewish novelty records, in 2004

November 05, 2004 in Forward

Mysticism and Mortgages: New Books Blend Kabbalah, Psychotherapy and Self-Help

October 22, 2004 in Forward

Two new books join the effort to create a “neo-Hasidic bookshelf.”

July 16, 2004 in Forward

Lecha Dodi

June 21, 2004 in Jewish Publications (other)

It’s All in the Mix: A DJ Spins Eclectic Combinations

May 07, 2004 in Forward

Wrestling with Steve Greenberg

May 01, 2004 in Zeek

It Is Not Good for Man To Be Alone: New Books Wrestle With Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition

April 30, 2004 in Forward

Practicing What He Preaches, Reggae Singer Reveals His Soul

April 09, 2004 in Forward

Passion and Violence

March 01, 2004 in Zeek

For This Scholar, the Body Is the Window to the Soul

February 27, 2004 in Forward

From Aleph to Tough: A Poet Who Does Not Merely Refer to Existing Tradition, but “Makes It New”

October 17, 2003 in Zeek

You Keep on Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In What ‘the Sixties’ Wrought: Religion Is a Counterculture

August 29, 2003 in Forward

An Orthodox Poet tackles God and Sex

June 20, 2003 in Forward