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The Beauty and Tragedy of “Fast Car” at the Grammys

Feb 6, 2024 in Both/And

The Trans Conversation We’re Not Having

Sep 26, 2023 in Both/And

The Supreme Court’s Decision on Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination Is Incoherent

Jul 1, 2023 in Daily Beast

Why ‘Patriots’ Will Always Hate Queers Like Us

May 29, 2023 in Rolling Stone

At Florida Universities, Big Brother DeSantis Is Watching

Jan 12, 2023 in Rolling Stone

Supreme Court Poised to Chip Away at Same-Sex Marriage

Dec 6, 2022 in Daily Beast

Vote Like Your Family Depends on It. A Lot of Ours Do

Nov 4, 2022 in Rolling Stone

The GOP Voter Suppression Machine Has a New Target: Trans People

Oct 20, 2022 in Rolling Stone

The Queernesses of Jewish Heresy: Sabbetai Zevi, Jacob Frank, and the Eros of Hasidism (discussion with Prof. Naomi Seidman)

Sep 8, 2022 in Center for LGBTQ & Gender Studies

Texas Judge: Letting Gay Men Die Is Religious Freedom

Sep 7, 2022 in Daily Beast

Here’s Why We Should Stop Calling It ‘Monkeypox’

Jul 27, 2022 in Daily Beast

Why Same-Sex Marriage May Not Be Doomed

Jul 7, 2022 in New York Magazine

A Gay Pilgrim’s Progress (Tribute to Michael Kelly)

Jun 19, 2022 in Anthologies

Meditation and Pride

Jun 14, 2022 in 10% Happier

This Pride, LGBTQ Allies Need to Do More Than Just Wave Rainbow Flags

Jun 12, 2022 in Daily Beast

Gay Marriage Is Next Up on the SCOTUS Chopping Block

May 2, 2022 in Daily Beast

The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Is Worse Than It Sounds

Mar 24, 2022 in New York Magazine

These Anti-Trans Laws Are Illegal, Immoral, and Ignorant

Mar 8, 2022 in Daily Beast

The Supreme Court Says: Sorry Felicia, You Can’t Turn the Gays Away

Jul 2, 2021 in Daily Beast

LGBTQ Rights Dodge a Supreme Court Bullet, But More Shots Are Coming

Jun 17, 2021 in Daily Beast

The Brooklyn Liberation March Showed Why the GOP’s Anti-Trans Crusade Will Backfire

Jun 14, 2021 in Daily Beast

How Gregg Bordowitz Revealed the Messy Humanity of AIDS Activism

May 25, 2021 in Daily Beast

Let’s Look at this Appeals Court’s Incredibly Stupid Opinion Protecting “Conversion Therapy”

Nov 22, 2020 in Daily Beast

Pope Francis Speaks Up For Gay Civil Unions. Some Supreme Court Justices Could Learn From Him.

Oct 21, 2020 in Daily Beast

Clarence Thomas Puts Gay Marriage in the Court’s Crosshairs

Oct 5, 2020 in Daily Beast

How Amy Coney Barrett Would Cancel Abortion, LGBTQ Rights and Much More

Sep 25, 2020 in Daily Beast

No, Chief Justice John Roberts Isn’t Liberal—He’s a Different Kind of Conservative

Jun 29, 2020 in Daily Beast

In Historic Win With Shock Majority, Supreme Court Rules It’s Illegal to Fire Employees for Being Gay or Trans

Jun 15, 2020 in Daily Beast

The Supreme Court “Fulton” Case is About Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination—Not “Religious Freedom”

Feb 24, 2020 in Daily Beast

The LGBTQ Town Hall Was a Sometimes Inspiring Bubble That Totally Missed the Point

Oct 12, 2019 in Daily Beast

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