Taking the Jew out of “Bu”: Is Meditation Jewish? A Panel Discussion with Metivta

at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills
8844 Burton Way
Los Angeles, CA
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Contemplative practices are experiencing a resurgence in the Jewish community, largely owing to contact with the East. It seems this was meant to happen. But why? And, why now?

This panel, the first of its kind in Los Angeles, brings together two national experts and three, local rabbis for a frank and open discussion. Topics include: Is there such a thing as an indigenous “Jewish” meditation? How might this differ from other practices? Why did it take spiritual technology from the East to (re-)awaken us? And, finally, how can we cultivate Jewish meditation in our community?

Moderated by Rabbi Andrew Hahn, Ph.D., the Kirtan Rabbi, with:

  • Dr. Jay Michaelson, author of five books, including Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism, and the Next Generation of Enlightenment
  • Alison Laichter, founder and former director of the Jewish Meditation Center in NYC and current West Coast Manager for JDC Entwine
  • Rabbi Laura Geller, Senior Rabbi, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills
  • Rabbi Jill Zimmerman, The Jewish Mindfulness Network, Los Angeles, CA
  • Rabbi Mike Comins, TorahTrek: The Center for Jewish Wilderness Spirituality