The Israeli Presidential Conference: “Facing Tomorrow”

at Jerusalem International Convention Centre

Jerusalem, Israel
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“Facing Tomorrow” — the Fourth Israeli Presidential Conference under the auspices of President Shimon Peres — will take place in Jerusalem June 19—21, 2012.

The year ahead seems full of changes that may undermine the central anchors on which the world order, as we know it, have been based. We are looking at a raging and bustling world and struggling to foresee when the storm will subside and its aftermath.

The issues are many and diverse and bring up questions from a broad range of fields such as: What will be tomorrow’s outcome of the “Arab Spring”? Where is the Middle East heading? Will the global economic crisis deepen or will it make way for recovery and prosperity? Is the US losing its central role in the international arena? Where are the sweeping social protests across the globe heading and how will Israel’s recent social and economic awakening shape its future? How do scientific and technological developments impact our lives and will they give us the means to pave a path to a better future? And how will the fate of the Jewish people and the State of Israel be influenced by these global winds of change?

While these issues and questions relate to various fields, they have reciprocal and profound effects and pose extremely complicated leadership challenges. The fourth Israeli Presidential Conference aims to explore these issues not only to determine the challenges, but to address solutions that will lead to a better tomorrow for the State of Israel, the Jewish people, and all of humanity.

As in prior conferences, the 2012 Israeli Presidential Conference will assemble world leaders, international scholars and activists, poets and scientists, artists and clergy, entrepreneurs, economists and industrialists, as well as representatives of the next generation of leaders — promising young individuals radiating innovation and creativity. Deliberations by these interesting expert speakers will embody the Conference’s plenary sessions, panels, round tables and master classes, which will be dedicated to a wide range of significant issues.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is our partner in bringing this Conference to fruition, providing its research and intellectual resources toward the development of content and the issues the Conference will address.

President Peres remains deeply committed to the success of Facing Tomorrow 2012 as he truly believes that the brain trust created at the conference can go a long way to shaping our future.

Jay Michaelson will be among the speakers.

For further information, please contact the Israeli Presidential Conference Steering Committee at +972-2-6202338 or info [at]