What is Spirituality? Shedding Some Light on the Light

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at Jewish Community Center of the Greater Palm Beaches
FAU/Jupiter Lifelong Learning Center
Jupiter, FL
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Can we say anything useful about ‘spirituality,” a non-Jewish word which has transformed Jewish life and practice? Is it just a narcissistic feel-good for the privileged and the lonely, or is there more to it than that? Can the word even be defined? I think we can say something meaningful about spirituality, and that if we do so properly, we can transform how we understand even the most traditional, anti-spiritual, reform, and/or rationalistic forms of Judaism. Today we’ll look at the purposes, stages, and varieties of spiritual practice; distinguish spirituality from religion, hedonism, and personal growth practices; and talk about whether and how spiritual practice is not merely pleasant but necessary for our flourishing as human beings.

Keynote address of the “Conversations on Jewish Spirituality” Conference.