Rabbinic and Pastoral Services

Rabbi Jay Michaelson has officiated at weddings, funerals, and other lifecycle events for over ten years.  Now an ordained rabbi, and licensed by the State of New York, he regularly convenes sacred spaces for important life transitions, as well as retreats, workshops, and synagogue services.  Rabbi Michaelson is fully fluent with Reform, Conservative, Renewal, Reconstructionist, and Orthodox Jewish ritual forms, though most often he creates new and innovative rituals combining traditional and contemporary elements.  Often, these include meditation, poetry, and, where appropriate, music and embodied practices as well.

To contact Rabbi Michaelson about working personally with you to create a meaningful life-cycle event, or to find out about bringing him to your school, synagogue, sangha, Zendo, community center, workshop, university campus… you get the picture… please click here to send an email.