NPR · January 11, 2014

"Jay Michaelson, a fellow at the liberal Political Research Associates, wrote a report on 'redefining religious liberty. 'I think we'd all agree that a church shouldn't be compelled to perform a ceremony that it doesn't want to perform,' he says."

Haaretz · November 14, 2013

"That said, writer and activist Jay Michaelson, who with Kleinbaum and Gessen participated in the discussion, feels the issue isn't just about gays. “It’s a crackdown on civil society as a whole,” he said."

Beyond Awakening · October 7, 2013

"On Sunday, I was joined by Jay Michaelson for a scintillating, deep, and passionate dialog entitled “Evolving Dharma—and Evolving Practitioners.”"

Publishers Weekly · August 12, 2013

"Michaelson (God vs. Gay?) tackles difficult questions about Buddhism’s evolution in Western culture, as mindfulness practice grows slowly but steadily as a popular secular activity."

Forward · August 22, 2013

"Jay Michaelson, a Jewish LGBT activist in the United States, said that the beating of gay men in Russia should serve as a “wake-up call to the Jewish community” that anti-gay violence in Russia stems from the same ultra-nationalism that feeds Russian anti-Semitism."

Times of Israel · August 13, 2013

"In addition to public expressions of outrage, Jewish activists are employing other strategies to protest Russia’s laws. For gay rights activist and author Jay Michaelson, organizing behind the scenes is equally crucial. "

Wired · June 18, 2013

"As Jay Michaelson gleefully notes, talking openly about enlightenment is as big a taboo as there is in modern American Buddhism, where the exploratory journey trumps any metaphysical destination."

Jewish Press of Tampa · May 24, 2013

"Michaelson noted that especially for older congregants, “going from zero to 100 percent acceptance” is not easy, and offered a “feel, felt, found” approach to conversations with those reluctant to embrace the LGBT community."

Haaretz · April 14, 2013

"The conference organizers have lined up a top-flight array of speakers, including the transgender memoirist and poet Joy Ladin and Jay Michaelson."

Windy City Times · March 24, 2013

"Religious liberty campaign strikes at gays for discrimination"

AlterNet · March 19, 2013

"With fairness and precision, author Jay Michaelson documents how the principle of religious liberty has been manipulated to play on the fears and values of both conservatives and progressives, as well as secularists and people of faith."

The Week · February 7, 2013

"Jay Michaelson agrees: "Marriage has always been a matter of state law, and DOMA has been unconstitutional since the moment it was passed.""

Jewish Quarterly · December 25, 2012

"Jay Michaelson … uses a distinctly Judeo-Christian values-based theological vocabulary to argue a considered, articulate political case for gay rights in the USA."

Religion Dispatches · August 6, 2012

"As Jay Michaelson argues, we can “recognize millennial thinking in our own minds,” and mine seemed to always expect—briefly, quite irrationally—an undoing of the world."

New York Times · August 22, 2012

"I corralled a video crew, and began studying books on same-sex marriage (Jay Michaelson’s “God vs. Gay?” and Maggie Gallagher and John Corvino’s “Debating Same-Sex Marriage,” among others)."

State of Belief · November 15, 2011

"With scholarly insight and painful personal experience, author Jay Michaelson goes far beyond debunking the 6 verses of scripture so often used to condemn LGBT persons by conservative religious leaders."

JTA Telegraph · July 30, 2012

"In an essay that's likely to raise some eyebrows on the left -- and be cheered by the right -- Jay Michaelson, a prominent American Jewish progressive voice and gay activist who writes a column for the Forward, comes down hard on the Jewish left wing for its hypocrisies when it comes to Israel."

Haaretz · June 20, 2012

"Coming out was the most Jewish thing I ever did."

Jezebel · June 6, 2012

"Why Don’t We Hear More About Attacks on ‘Flamboyant’ Transgender Women?"

MSNBC · May 27, 2012

"Jay Michaelson said that Worley’s comments are “undermining the efforts of more moderate gay-bashers like the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins to disguise anti-gay bias as something other than hatred.”"

The Advocate · November 29, 2011

"Gay Wedding Ceremonies Become Issue for Conservative Jews"

The Advocate · April 6, 2012

"Supporting LGBT equality isn’t just a good social value, it’s a religious one, writes Jay Michaelson in God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality."

Jewish Week · April 10, 2012

"Are You There God? It’s Us, The Jews"

New Voices · April 2, 2012

"Jay Michaelson was the hero of the panel, maybe even of the entire conference."

Lambda Literary · March 20, 2012

"God vs. Gay? nominated for Lambda Literary Award"

CBS News · March 17, 2012

"What are appeal’s chances in Rutgers bias case?"

CNN · October 30, 2009

"‘New Jews’ stake claim to faith, culture"

J. Weekly · January 26, 2012

"Is finding a happy medium on Israel largely impossible?"

Religion Dispatches · February 5, 2012

"God or Gay, No Need to Choose Sides"

New Voices · December 17, 2011

"My Big, Fat Halakhic Gay Wedding"

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