Jay Michaelson | Officiant Information



Rabbi Michaelson has officiated numerous weddings, bar mitzvahs, funerals, and other lifecycle occasions.  Each occasion, and each participant, is different; of necessity, the process is “retail, not wholesale.”  It’s often about finding the right blend of seriousness and levity, tradition and innovation, specific religious/spiritual elements and universal ones.  Most of the time, Jay brings either Jewish or Buddhist traditions together with a contemporary sensibility.  Sometimes he officiates as a rabbi; sometimes as a dharma teacher; and sometimes as a friend.  He’s officiated same-sex weddings and opposite-sex ones.  He’s welcomed babies and bid farewell to parents and grandparents.  He even conducted a Bar Mitzvah at Burning Man.



Simply send Jay’s team an email to get the process started.  His usual fee for lifecycle events is $1,000 plus expenses.



“Jay did a superb job officiating our wedding, as we knew he would.  Neither of us is especially religious, at least when it comes to ritual and observance, and we were raised in different religious traditions (Reform Judaism and United Methodism).  We aimed for a basically secular ceremony that nonetheless nodded to each of our respective traditions and to the inescapable spiritual aspect of uniting two people to become a lifelong unit.  Jay’s deep background as a student not only of Judaism but of religious and spiritual practice across sectarian lines made him perfect for setting the tone we wanted.  He was serious when the moment demanded it, but was also warm and funny throughout.  His extensive experience in public speaking also helped him convey a sense that the logistics and orchestration of the ceremony were always very much under control, which was especially welcome given that getting married, while a joyous occasion, can also be a stressful one.  We are so happy to have chosen him as our officiant and would highly recommend him to any couple seeking to make their special day as memorable as possible.”  – Amy & Addison


“Dear Jay,   Thank you again for making our children’s B”nai Mitzvah so special. Your unique and contemporary approach to taking ancient rituals and making them relevant to a young generation is invaluable. As we know, most religious services are viewed as “the boring part” and the rite of passage is known more for the party than the significance of becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Many of our guests, both Jews and non-Jews made a point of telling us how much they enjoyed the service. I also want to thank you for working closely with our kids on their prayers and Torah reading. I know you gave them the confidence to shine on their special day. With Warm Regards, Michael Blatter”