What’s Jewish About Psychedelics, and What’s Psychedelic About Judaism

at Chochmat HaLev
2215 Prince Street
Berkeley CA

The Psychedelic Renaissance is clearly underway, with American Jews playing a significant part in promoting the recreational, therapeutic, and spiritual uses of these medicines.  What might be the communal, ritual and theological ramifications of entheogen use in Jewish contexts?  How might Jewish spirituality inform psychedelic spirituality, and vice versa?  What are the points of connection and tension between these modalities?  And how might we anticipate and navigate the shadow sides of this work?  Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson is the author of several books on Jewish spirituality and mysticism, and has recently been part of programs on the Judaism-Psychedelics intersections at Harvard Divinity School and the Parliament of World Religions.  He’ll be joined in conversation by Chochmat’s Spiritual Leader, fellow polymath Zvika Krieger.