Transforming Eco-Anxiety: The Role of Spiritual and Self-Care Practices In Navigating Climate Trauma | Green Team Summit (Online)

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at Faith in Place Green Team Summit

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Jay Michaelson will be joining Kristy Drutman for a powerful online session about eco-anxiety and climate trauma where we’ll explore how spiritual and faith practices can help us navigate these challenges.

In this session, we’ll offer insights and practices for coping with the overwhelming emotions and stresses associated with climate change.

Together, we’ll learn about the transformative power of mindfulness, prayer, meditation, ritual, and other practices in cultivating resilience, hope, and connection in the face of ecological crisis.

Whether you’re experiencing eco-anxiety yourself or working with others who are, this session offers a unique opportunity to integrate the wisdom of diverse traditions into climate action.

The session, like the rest of the summit, is on a pay-what-you-can donation basis.  Registration is right here.  You can also check out the session page here.