Shofar in the Grass : A socially-distanced Rosh Hashanah

at Prospect Park

Brooklyn, NY
More Info / Registration

This Rosh Hashanah is going to be different — so let’s make it very different!

Join Kohenet Shamirah Chandler and Rabbi Jay Michaelson for a unique hourlong, outdoor, socially-distanced Rosh Hashanah experience that brings the highlights of the traditional service together with experiential learning, joyful music, meditation, and themes of social and environmental justice. Plus a kids” program!

Program for ages 13 & up:
Participants will be placed in groups of nine people which will rotate among three teachers — Shamirah, Jay, and a Special Guest — and spend about fifteen minutes with each. One group will focus on singing and music, another on meditation and reflection, and a third on Torah study related to justice. Then we”ll all form a large circle for shofar blowing, kiddush, and bring-your-own apples and honey.

Program for kids + an adult:
Up to eight kids, ages 2-12, together with one parent or guardian, will be in their own group for 45 minutes — moving, learning, exploring nature-school-style — before joining for shofar.

After our hour together concludes, folks are welcome to stay and schmooze as they feel comfortable.

Covid Notes:
Masks are required for everyone over the age of two except when you”re seated in a socially-distanced way.
“In an abundance of caution,” as they say, masks are also required for the singing portion of the experience.
Members of pods/families may sit together; otherwise we”ll sit two amot (six feet) apart.
The event will be capped at 27 adult participants plus teachers, plus 8 kids and 8 adult companions.
This is an official event with a permit from the Parks Department.
The event is not rain-or-shine; if the weather is uncertain, we will update you on Facebook as best we can. Of course, tickets will be refunded if we are rained out.

Please Bring:
Something to sit on.
Apples & Honey, if you like.
Ritual garb, if you like.
Juice or wine, if you like (we won’t be sharing).

About the price of tickets:
The official ticket price is $48, which allows us to pay our teachers. If you can afford more, we ask that you consider paying $72, which will allow us to offer more reduced-cost tickets at a cost of $18. Tickets are required for kids too.

Shana Tova!