Shavuot Retreat with Elat Chayyim

at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center

Falls Village, CT
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Shavuot. The Jewish holiday that commemorates when Jews received the Torah on Mt. Sinai. The holiday that celebrates the first fruits of the season. And the (only?) Jewish holiday where vegetarians don’t feel marginalized by a table crammed with meat-heavy dishes.

Shavuot also coincides with the annual wheat harvest in Israel, and in the days of the Temple, ancient Jews would bring their first fruits as sacrifices to God. In this time of bounty we are encouraged to give of ourselves and reflect on the gifts that the earth provides.

Rabbi Michaelson will be part of the faculty at this year’s Hazon / Elat Chayyim Shavuot Retreat, a weekend of community, spirituality, and connection.  Visit to learn more and to register.