Religious Liberty and Minority Rights

at University of Central Florida
UCF Student Union Sand Ballroom
Orlando, FL

In recent years, the meaning of “religious liberty” has changed from protecting religious minorities from majorities, to enabling majorities to abridge the rights of minorities.  In the context of LGBT equality and reproductive justice, a well-funded network of far right organizations has won several victories, including the Hobby Lobby case, which stated that corporations are people with religious beliefs, and the passage of Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, which enable businesses to discriminate against LGBT individuals.  With a key player in this issue, Mike Pence, now the Republican vice presidential candidate, now is a crucial time to understand the interests on both sides, and how religious liberty and civil rights are balanced in a democratic society.

Dr. Michaelson will be speaking on this issue as part of a panel featuring Professor Terri Fine and Professor Harry Coverston.