Queering Kabbalah

at Romemu Yeshiva

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Kabbalah has become a resource for many progressive, feminist, and queer Jews seeking alternatives to patriarchal Jewish theology and practice.  At the same time, Kabbalah is among the most heteronormative, sexist, and gender-binary-reenforcing discourses in world religion: the binary of male and female reflects the very nature of the cosmos itself, with the female often “disappearing” into the male, and it is a discourse written by and for presumptively straight cis men.  In this class, we”ll uncover some of the queer tendencies within Kabbalah and Kabbalistic hermeneutics, and how they can be productively utilized today.

This class is part of the Romemu Yeshiva immersive program, and meets Wednesdays: 10:30AM — 11:45 AM  EDT (May 26, June 2, June 9) online.