The Religious Case for Same-Sex Marriage: Three Talks in Minneapolis

at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Beth Jacob Congregation, and Home of Betsy Rest

Marriage equality is on the ballot in four states this year — and none is closer than Minnesota, where the pro-equality (“no”) and anti-equality (“yes”) votes are in a dead heat.  Join bestselling author and award-winning activist Jay Michaelson in a series of three talks in Minneapolis/St. Paul on October 20, 2012.

1. The Marriage Amendment: Can People of Faith Vote ‘No’?
Part of the statewide ‘Call to Action’
October 20, 10am
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
700 Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, MN

Can people of faith vote “no” on an amendment restricting marriage to heterosexual couples? You bet they can! Indeed, the overwhelming majority of Christian and Jewish values require that we do so. In this workshop, part of the October 20 Call to Action campaign on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, Jay Michaelson shows how the handful of Biblical verses sometimes used against gay people are unclear and subject to interpretation. What’s quite clear, however, are the overwhelming religious teachings about the sanctity of love, equality, justice, and compassion. Moreover, contrary to the fear that same-sex marriage will erode the institution of marriage, both the empirical data and our own values show the opposite to be the case: marriage for all is stronger than marriage for some.


2. The Jewish Case for Marriage Equality: How to Talk with People Who Disagree and Actually Make Progress
October 20, 1pm
Beth Jacob Congregation
1179 Victoria Curve, St. Paul, MN

Looking for ways to talk to your friends and neighbors who support the marriage amendment, especially for religious reasons? Come to Beth Jacob for our after Kiddush talk, 1:00pm on Shabbat, October 20. Jay  Michaelson, contributing editor to the Forward newspaper and author of  the 2011 bestseller God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality for Equality, will be offering some “best practices” from a decade of LGBT religious advocacy. He will speak from his personal experiences and his knowledge as a religious scholar (he holds a Ph.D. from Hebrew University and a J.D. from Yale Law School) and as an advocate, recently named to the “Forward 50” list of the 50 most influential American Jews. Jay will discuss why we as Jews in specific need to oppose the Marriage Amendment, and give us practical language and strategies for our conversations with others. Babysitting will be available.


3. Talking about Marriage with Religious Traditionalists: Best Practices & Common Pitfalls
A fundraiser for Minnesotans United for All Families and Jewish Community Action
October 20, 7pm
Home of Betsy Rest & Michael Bander
9247 Duckwood Trail, Woodbury, MN
Suggested donation per person $25, $50, $100, or $250

Often, many of us find ourselves as “involuntary activists” on issues of LGBT rights and inclusion. And often, many of us become dispirited at the challenges of having conversations with people with whom we disagree. Tonight at this special house party event, longtime LGBT religious activist Jay Michaelson will share seven proven ways to have better conversations about religion and sexuality. By identifying where change can (and cannot) happen, we can make measurable progress — even with people who seem dead set in their ways. In this crucial time in Minnesota’s history, come learn some “best practices” from someone who’s been on the front lines of this issue. Tickets begin at $25. To RSVP, email


Marriage equality is a religious value. Come learn more, and help us bring it into reality!

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