Kabbalah and Eros

at One Taste Urban Retreat Center

San Francisco, CA
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The Jewish mystical and esoteric traditions known as Kabbalah hold that the body is a place of sanctity, and sexuality is a key to unlocking the greatest of Divine secrets. Centuries before “The Da Vinci Code,” Kabbalah sought the return of the Divine Feminine from Her exile and concealment. In fact, with both human beings and the Godhead possessing male and female energies, the permutations of gender and consciousness challenge simplistic notions of normative sexual expression. Indeed, it is fair to say that the entire world as we experience it, in space and in time, is an expression of the Divine lovemaking. Together we will explore some of these provocative notions, including how “God” and the world are mutually dependent, how the Infinite comes to know Itself through the union of the linear and the cyclical, and how these mysteries are reflected in the diverse experiences of our lives. There will be plenty of time for Q&A as well, on any subject regarding Kabbalah, queer Kabbalah, queer Judaism, eroticism and mysticism, and maybe some literary representations of how these ideas turn to poetry.