Heretical, Psychedelic, Hybridistic, Kabbalistic Jewish Mysticism : Embodying Multiple Realms (with Taya Shere) | Mystics Summit

at Mystics Summit

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At the fringes of Jewish and Jewish-adjacent mystical traditions, there are distinctive tools and teachings of great value to contemporary seekers – if we are willing and able to excavate and adapt them responsibly.  Some of the ones we’ll explore in this freewheeling and fun conversation between Jay Michaelson and Taya Ma Shere include: the geography of Jewish enlightenment, oscillation between realms as a contemplative value, the mystical grammar of psychedelic experience, transgressing some boundaries (while maintaining and affirming many others) as the messianic act, transforming particularism into ecstasy, borderlands and mystical liminality, embodiment and eros, and how to uphold both mystical insights and evidence, reason, and science.

This program is part of The Mystics Summit presented by the Shift Network.  Registration will open soon.