Queer Theology and Jewish Hermeneutics

at Jewish Theological Seminary

New York, NY
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Rabbi Michaelson will be teaching on queer theologies at this year’s Jewish Theological Seminary of America’s Summer Rabbinic Learning Conference, focused on expanding the canon of Jewish textual interpretation.  Rabbi Michaelson’s session will introduce participants to some of the core ideas and thinkers in queer theology, predominantly a progressive Christian enterprise, and explore some of the ways these approaches to text can be integrated into Jewish textual practice.

About the conference: Jewish learning has long focused on texts by an elite group with very particular ideas about Judaism. Join rabbinic colleagues for three days of study transforming the textual heritage we draw upon as rabbis, incorporating voices that have been marginalized historically—including women, Jews of color, LGBTQ Jews, and those with disabilities. JTS faculty and other scholars will introduce new voices into our canon as well as offer tools to read ancient texts through new lenses. We will explore how to use these diversified texts to reach the broad spectrum of our community members through our teaching, in the hopes of creating more inclusive communities.