Embodied Judaism: Kabbalah, Mindfulness, and Sensible Spirituality

at Congregation Dorshei Emet

Montreal, Quebec

Today, most of us think that religion is about the spirit, and that the ‘spirit” is distinct from the body. Likewise, many people assume that ‘spirituality” is about having special feelings, and a special aptitude for the mystical. In fact, this is not necessarily so. Really, ‘spirituality” is just waking up — whether to God, or the people we love, or just ordinary experience. And in both the Jewish religious tradition and the contemporary spiritual world, it’s done not by leaving the body behind, but in the body itself. This unique weekend will combine text study, contemplative practice, and down-to-earth techniques that teach the theory and practice of embodied spirituality. From reading the Zohar to everyday acts like eating, praying, washing, walking, having sex, and staying healthy, this is ‘sensible spirituality,” which can make a practical difference in your life every day — even if you don’t know a yoga mat from a yarmulke.