EMBARK Book Launch Webinar

at Emory Center for Psychedelics and Spirituality

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Join us on May 29th, 2024 at 7pm for a candid discussion on the future of psychedelic assisted therapy with core faculty of the Emory Center for Psychedelics and Spirituality and authors of the new book EMBARK Psychedelic Assisted Therapy for Depression, Drs. Bill Brennan and Alex Belser. Written by field leaders, EMBARK is a comprehensive guide to psychedelic therapy for depression. This work identifies gaps in existing models of psychedelic therapy and provides innovative instruction for conducting psychedelic integration support.
This webinar will be moderated by renowned religious and ECPS Field Scholar, Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson and will include an overview of EMBARK theory and methodology from the authors. Following this overview, Dr. Michaelson will facilitate a robust discussion of this work with Drs. Belsner, Brennan, Boadie Dunlop, Jessica Maples-Keller, and Roman Palitsky. There will also be time to take questions from the audience. You don’t want to miss this!
Early reviews of EMBARK:
“Pioneering, comprehensive, and deeply insightful—EMBARK points the way to the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy.”
— Rick Doblin, PhD
“This book marks an exciting milestone in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Not only is it a really comprehensive guide to what to actually ‘do’, the authors offer their wisdom from their whole selves, bringing a level of sensitivity and depth that befits these sacred ways of healing.”
— Rosalind Watts, PhD