Integrating (Or Not) | Aleph Kallah

at Aleph Kallah
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
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Dr. Michaelson will be teaching at the Aleph Kallah, the premier conference of the Jewish Renewal movement, teaching the following workshop:

INTEGRATING (or NOT).   Most of us move in many worlds; we may be mom, lawyer, meditator, wine aficionado, lover — all in the same day. Is it worth trying to integrate these different selves we wear, or just swim in the contradictions? This week, we”ll engage in eight distinct modes of conversation — some heart-based, others political; some embodied, others intellectual. Subjects will include polytheism and nonduality, Kim Davis and the “religious exemptions” campaign, the history of mindfulness, heretical Frankist texts, the spiritual practice of “authentic movement”, 20thcentury queer poetry, and the gifts of sadness. We’ll integrate luminous awareness and full-on immersion in different ways of being — or at least enjoy a rich and varied buffet.