Faith & Family LGBTQ Power Summit | Salt Lake City

at LGBT Task Force
215 W South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT
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The Faith & Family LGBTQ Power Summit is a four-day gathering that will provide inspiration, skills, capacity building and concrete strategies as we explore how our faith and the practice of radical welcome can build grassroots power.  The Summit is designed to preempt the gathering of the World Congress of Families, the largest organization of people staunchly against our families, that will be meeting in Salt Lake City to continue spreading an anti-LGBTQ agenda that restrictively codifies who counts as family and who does not. Their style of work is evident in the over 100 bills filed in legislatures across our country this past year that negatively target our families and issues we care about such as reproductive justice/health/equality and state sanctioned discrimination disguised as religious freedom.

Rabbi Michaelson will be speaking about these threats during the summit two times: first at a panel on the abuse of religious freedom to discriminate, and second at a workshop on the WCF and its activities. Other experts will join the conference from the Southern Poverty Law Center, Political Research Associates, Center for Constitutional Rights, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, IPAS, Equality Utah, Auburn Theological Seminary, and SoulForce.

Jay will be presenting on The World Congress of Families: Understanding the International Anti-LGBTQ Network on Thursday afternoon, October 22.