Getting Serious about Spiritual Health | Temple Israel, Miami

at Temple Israel of Greater Miami
137 NE 19th Street
Miami, FL

Join Dr. Michaelson for a weekend of study and conversation at Temple Israel in Miami.  Jay will address the congregation at Friday night services and Saturday morning Torah study.  And on Sunday, he will give two presentations:

Sunday, 10am:  Getting Serious about Spiritual Health

Is it possible to get serious about ‘spirituality”?  For some, the word expresses the essence of religious practice, the point of being Jewish, and one of the greatest joys of being human.  For others, it connotes a narcissistic, deluded feel-good that doesn’t promote serious Jewish commitment.  I want to propose that spiritual ‘excellence’ is as important as intellectual, physical, and ethical varieties — and that we fail to even define it at our peril. Today we’ll look at the purposes and varieties of spiritual practice; distinguish spirituality from religion, hedonism, and personal growth; discuss some of the distinctive marks of _Jewish_ spirituality, and make the case for why serious spirituality should be part of a religious or secular Jewish life.

Sunday, 12pm:  What’s Next After Now?  Progress in Spiritual Practice

Contemplative practice is always about the present moment.  But is it possible, over time, to get better at “being here now”?  What might “progress” look like in spiritual practice, and how have different traditions understood it?  In this discussion for experienced practitioners, we’ll explore developmental approaches to contemplative practice, focusing on practical ways each of us can take the “next step” for ourselves.