Gay Freedom Camp at Easton Mountain | Greenwich, NY

at Easton Mountain
391 Herrington Hill Road
Greenwich, NY
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Gay Freedom Camp is a four-day event for men who love men. In this four-day program, participants choose from a wide variety of personal growth workshops, outdoor sports, an evening fire ritual, drum circles, cookouts, and more, plus plenty of time to relax by the pool, lounge in the hot tub, enjoy saunas in the evenings, and hike in the woods.

Days begin with yoga and meditation, and conclude with evening programs: in between, each day is different, filled with as many (or as few) workshops as you want. Men of all ages, backgrounds, religions, and nonreligions, are part of these gatherings. You will experience the freedom and safety to explore your personal growing edge and a chance to establish lasting friendships within a community of sacred brothers.

Jay will be teaching two workshops during the weekend:

What is Freedom?   Here at Gay Freedom Camp, many of us are celebrating, expressing, or working toward freedom.  But what is it, really?  How have philosophers understood freedom-from and freedom-to, and how have we experienced it ourselves?  This workshop will combine third-person and first-person modalities; we’ll share about when we experience freedom and when we’re blocked from it, and we’ll look at a few poets and philosophers along the way.  And maybe George Michael too.

Dynamic Meditation  The guru Osho created “dynamic meditation” for people who say they can’t meditate.  It involves about a half hour of strenuous movement, emotional catharsis, and dance, and culminates in 15 minutes of stillness.  You don’t have to have experience meditating to participate — just a willingness to participate, jump, explore, express, and go for it.