After Equality: Queering Jewish Theology | Washington, DC

at Adas Israel
2850 Quebec Street
Washington, DC
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Progressive Jews are beyond “it is okay to be gay?” and have begun asking more interesting questions about the intersections of Judaism with queer sexualities and genders.  This evening will look at two major answers to the question “What’s next after equality?”

First, Jay will join the rabbis of Adas Israel to talk about how far we’ve come in our religious understandings of sexual diversity, and what’s next for the sexual and gender justice movement.

Then, we’ll ask what’s next for Jewish theology and text.  Are there distinctively queer voices and perspectives which are beginning to enrich the Jewish conversation, much as women’s voices have done over the last generation?  What are some of the ways to ‘queer’ Jewish theological categories such as God, Torah, and Israel?  What does it mean to “queer” Jewish text and theology?  We’ll answer these questions experientially, by queerly reading a few Biblical texts on the subject of masculinity and heroism.  Bring your minds sharp and hearts open, and prepare to learn something new!