God Does Not Exist, God is Existence Itself | St. Louis

at Central Reform Congregation: Sanctuary
5020 Waterman Boulevard
St. Louis, MO

God Does Not Exist, God is Existence Itself: An Introduction to Nondual Judaism

God-concepts evolve over time. In the beginning, our ancestors were polytheists, animists, and nature-worshippers. Later, they developed monotheistic notions of one God in the sky, and a philosophical monotheism of one unchanging deity. Still later, they came to see God as Ein Sof — without end — even filling every molecule in your brain and thinking your thoughts. This nondual (“not-two”) view is strikingly similar to non-Western concepts of non-self (i.e., that the notion that you are a separate “self” is only one way of looking at things) and contemporary neurological accounts of the brain and mind. This workshop explores some of these ideas.