God, Gender, and Justice: A Post-Election Conversation

at GLBT Center of Colorado
1301 E. Colfax
Denver, CO

Nov. 14, 2010, 7-9pmJay

The GLBT Center of Colorado
1301 E. Colfax, Denver, CO
Free admission; drinks and refreshments served.

Keshet and Nehirim are pleased to present this important conversation on God, gender, and justice in a post-2010 world.

Once again, “gay rights” has been a wedge issue in a U.S. election.  In the wake of a troubling midterm election season, unprecedented media coverage of gay teen suicides, and debates within religious communities about coalitions with pro-gay and anti-gay allies, now is a time for all of us — activists and allies, LGBT and straight — to ask some hard questions about the relationships between religion, politics, and sexuality. What do we make of the Christian Right’s obsession with homosexuality?  Is it a political ploy?  A symptom of homophobia?  A religious crusade?  Are LGBT issues important to all of us, or is “gay rights” a distraction from other, more pressing concerns?  Should LGBT activists learn to speak the language of religion, or fight for a stronger wall between church and state?  And most importantly: where do we go from here?
Join Nehirim, Keshet (formerly Jewish Mosaic*) and nationally-syndicated columnist Jay Michaelson for a stimulating discussion of the nexus between spirituality, politics, and sexuality, followed by refreshments and drinks as we celebrate and/or console one another on the results of the recent election.
Also, Nehirim and Keshet are sponsoring Nehirim’s first-ever weekend getaway retreat at the Keystone Lodge, July 1-3 (www.nehirim.org/rockies).  After the discussion, Jay will talk a bit about the Nehirim retreat and how community members can get involved.
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PLEASE RSVP TO ALEX MARCUS (alex@keshetonline.org) BEFORE NOV. 7th