God Does Not Exist, God is Existence Itself

at JCC in Manhattan
Amsterdam & 76th Street
New York NY
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God-concepts evolve over time. In the beginning, our ancestors were
polytheists, animists, and nature- worshippers. Later, they developed
monotheistic notions of one God in the sky, and philosophical monotheism of one unchanging deity. And still later, they came to see God as Ein Sof — without end — even filling every molecule in your brain and thinking your thoughts. Meanwhile, around the world, other religious traditions used careful inquiry to determine that the self, the little guy inside our head who we think is us, doesn’t exist, while in another part of the world neuroscientists discovered the same thing. Now, all these strands are coming together in nonduality, a place where atheism and pantheism shake hands, where all religious forms — sky God, earth Goddess, scientific materialism — are seen as masks of the simple truth that you are not some separate soul or self but God doing the dance of you. This workshop explores some of these ideas, which are described in Jay’s new book “Everything is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism,” using directed inquiry, text study, discussion, and possibly some meditation as well. As the Beach Boys said, hold on to your ego (or, better, don’t).

Part of the Nehirim Queer Shabbaton New York – open only to shabbaton participants