God Does Not Exist – God is Existence Itself: Texts and Practices of Nondual Judaism

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at Science & Nonduality Conference

San Rafael, CA
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How is nonduality expressed in the Jewish mystical tradition?  Nondual Judaism, as explicated by medieval Kabbalists, Eastern European Hasidim, and modern day cosmopolitan mystics, is at once similar to and different from nondual teachings of Vedanta, Buddhism, and other Asian traditions.  In this four-hour intensive workshop, we will explore the texts and practices of nondual Judaism, with original sources (many never translated before), animated discussion, and contemplative practice.

In particular, we will explore “God” as expressed in nondual Judaism: as both the Ein Sof, infinite Brahma, filling and surrounding all worlds, and YHVH/Elohim, the God of the Sefirot, the personal God, purusha, accessible in anthropomorphic form.  Indeed, it is a strange phenomenon that religious traditions which most embrace nonduality at the same time embrace polytheism — in Hinduism, for example — or in the case of Judaism, what might be called theological polymorphism. One might expect a radically iconoclastic emphasis on nothingness in nondual mystical traditions. Yet instead, one usually finds, together with nonduality, an integral return to theological forms, whether in the devotion of Ramakrishna to Kali, or the theological re-personalization found in classical Kabbalah.