Everything is God book talk: Boulder, CO

at JCC of Boulder
3800 Kalmia Avenue, Boulder, CO

Join Jay at this book-signing and conversation about the radical path of nonduality — that God is not an old man in the sky, but is everything we see and everything we are; that God does not exist, God is existence itself; that God is what’s left over when the self is taken away.

Jay Michaelson is among the most widely-read Jewish writers of his generation. A columnist for the Huffington Post, the Forward, and Tikkun, Zeek, and Reality Sandwich magazines, Michaelson has recently been named to the “Forward 50″ list of “the men and women who are leading the American Jewish community into the 21st century.” Credited as a co-creator of the “New Jewish Culture,” the phenomenon of independent, non-denominational Jews creating new forms of music, spirituality and culture, Michaelson has written the first major book of Jewish theology and philosophy of his generation, Everything is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism.