Ten Reasons Why Gay Rights is a Religious Issue

$120 for the entire weekend
at Nehirim Queer Shabbaton D.C. at the Washington DC JCC
16th & Q Streets NW
Washington, DC
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The Christian Right has succeeded in characterizing opposition to rights as a religious issue — but what about _support_ of gay rights? Unlike African-American civil rights (but like feminism), few supporters of gay rights have made their case in religious terms: that is, why gay rights is a moral cause. Yet in the wake of several same-sex marriage defeats, characterizing gay rights as purely a secular issue of civil liberties is a tactical and philosophical mistake. In fact, there are several reasons why, if one is religious, one should be for equality for sexual minorities. In this workshop, we’ll discuss at least ten of them.

Part of the Nehirim Queer Shabbaton D.C., February 5-7, 2010. Advance registration required.