Evolving Dharma and Evolving Practitioners (Beyond Awakening webcast)

at Beyond Awakening Series

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Jay Michaelson joins Terry Patten on his well-known web series, “Beyond Awakening,” October 6 at 10am Pacific Time.  The discussion will focus on the following questions:
Many of us say that consciousness is evolving to become ever more self-aware. Yet what happens when, over the course of practice, this belief itself relaxes and evolves into something else?   What is the relationship between panentheism (seeing everything as Divine, a non-mythic God both immanent and transcendent) and agnostic materialism that just doesn’t know about God? Are we realizing a luminous, numinous Divine Nothing, or an empty, existential nothingness? (There’s a world of difference between the big and small “N’s!)   How might that relationship evolve over the course of our spiritual lives? How do we negotiate that relationship in our own practice, as we evolve into and beyond different ways of knowing the reality of our existence?
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