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If You’re Queer and Jewish, Mazel Tov!
February 1, 2011

The Quest of Life: Harry Faddis interviews Jay Michaelson about ‘The Orthodox Jewish Community and Homosexuality: New Developments’
September 17, 2010

Jay Michaelson on WNBC, The Debrief with David Ushery:
Israel and American Jews

June 15, 2010

Sex and the Bible, Bloggingheads Diavlog with Professor David Carr
July 31, 2010

The Quest of Life: Harry Faddis interviews Jay Michaelson about ‘The Illusions of Spirituality’
June 18, 2010
How spirituality can cause us to misunderstand events like the Gulf oil spill and isolate us from political engagement.

The Quest of Life: Harry Faddis interviews Jay Michaelson about ‘Why Gay Rights is a Religious Issue’
February 26, 2010
Jay navigates the path between the religious issues of homosexuality, the hostility of religions to homosexuality, and the religious arguments for equal rights for GLBT people.

Jay Michaelson, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, and Jo Ellen Green Kaiser:
What’s New about the New Jewish Spirituality?

February 11, 2010, San Francisco, CA.
Discussion of spirituality, social justice, and the new Jewish culture, at Congregation Beth Sholom in San Francisco.

How should spirituality affect one’s relationship to Israel?
January, 2010, Boston, MA.
Short excerpt from the ‘Everything is God’ launch in Boston.

God does not Exist — God is Existence Itself
Jay Michaelson’s class on Nondual Judaism from Limmud UK, December 28, 2009.

The Quest of Life: Harry Faddis interviews Jay Michaelson about ‘Everything is God’ (Nov. 21, 2009)
A wide-ranging radio interview discussing the book in the context of the new Jewish spirituality.

Nonduality in Western Traditions (Dec. 2, 2009)
Radio interview on ‘The Inner Compass’ with William Horden.

“Love is what matters, not the sex of one’s beloved”(August, 2009)
This speech was given at the New York rally in response to the shootings at a Tel Aviv gay teen support group.

G-dcast: Shelach Lecha
Animated dvar torah on the spies’ mission to the Land of Israel, from the G-dcast series.

Introduction to the Zohar, part one: What is Kabbalah? (Windows Media download) (March, 2007)
This is the first class of Jay Michaelson’s four-session “Introduction to the Zohar” course at the New York Open Center. It begins with a basic introduction to Kabbalah and the Zohar, and continues with a close reading of the first few lines of the Zohar text.

What is the Point of Meditation? — or, There is No Spoon (mp3 download) (January, 2007)
This hourlong dharma talk was given by Jay Michaelson during a seven day silent meditation retreat at Elat Chayyim in Falls Village, CT. It discusses the different reasons why people meditate, and concludes with an extended discussion of nonduality as it relates to contemplative practice.

Podcast: Embracing the Feminine in Kabbalah with Jay Michaelson (Podcast, October 2008)
Part of Personal Life Media’s “A Taste of Sex” series, this free podcast with Jay Michaelson discusses how Kabbalah teaches that God (and each of us) has both masculine and feminine identities and attributes, and how these traits permeate all of creation.

Tibet and Tisha B’Av (mp3 download) (March, 2008)
Why is the Tibetan struggle for freedom a Jewish issue? Panelists are Jay Michaelson, Tashi Phuntsok, Mickey Spiegel and was moderated by Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay. Download as mp3, or listen to the podcast.

Is the Torah Really a Basis for Liberal Values? (February 2007)
Does the Bible align with liberal ideas, conservative ones, or both? In this class taught at the Skirball Center in New York, Jay Michaelson takes a close look at the many voices of Biblical texts.

Too Jewish Interview with Jay Michaelson (mp3 download, November 2006)
A discussion of gender and Judaism on Rabbi Sam Cohon’s radio show.

Guided Movement Meditation: Nefesh: The Earth Soul (Summer, 2006)
A guided meditation on BeliefNet, featuring audio by Jay Michaelson and demonstrations by Ari Weller. Based on Kabbalistic notions of the “four souls,” this meditation stimulates the Nefesh, or embodied earth-soul.

Balancing Meditation — A Beliefnet Meditation with Jay Michaelson
A guided audio meditation on BeliefNet based on Kabbalistic notions of the sefirot Hesed, Gevurah, and Tiferet.