Az Yashir Moshe: A Book of Songs and Blessings

Az Yashir Moshe is a “bencher,” a book of songs and blessings. Initially edited by Jay Michaelson and published in 2001, a second edition was published in 2009 by Ktav Publications, featuring newer, easier-to-read type face and customization available for weddings and other occasions. Dedicated to the memory of Matt Eisenfeld (SY ’93) and infused with the values of the diverse Yale community, Az Yashir Moshe offers the most complete selection of traditional zmirot, Israeli songs, and niggunim, beautifully designed for readers of all levels of Jewish learning.

In addition, PDFs of Az Yashir Moshe have been made online free of charge, in an effort to make these beautiful works of liturgy and poetry accessible to as many people as possible. To download these PDFs and for more information on Az Yashir Moshe, please visit To order the bencher for your simcha or other occasion, visit Ktav