Here’s How Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Could Steal the Election—and Why It Probably Won’t

Oct 30, 2020 in Daily Beast

Justice Barrett’s First Act? Joining Trump’s Dog-and-Pony Show.

Oct 27, 2020 in Daily Beast

The Simple Reason Republicans Are Frantically Fighting ‘Fraud’

Oct 26, 2020 in Daily Beast

The Amy Coney Barrett Sham Senate Confirmation Is Done. Now, Her Supreme Court Horror Show Begins.

Oct 26, 2020 in Daily Beast

Pope Francis Speaks Up For Gay Civil Unions. Some Supreme Court Justices Could Learn From Him.

Oct 21, 2020 in Daily Beast

Hey Democrats: Court-Packing Isn’t The Answer. This Is.

Oct 17, 2020 in Daily Beast

Mindfulness of Cortisol

Oct 14, 2020 in 10% Happier

This Moment Exposed the Extremists Standing Behind Amy Coney Barrett

Oct 14, 2020 in Daily Beast

Ten Questions Worth Asking Amy Coney Barrett at Her Sham Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

Oct 13, 2020 in Daily Beast

Democrats Hijack Republicans’ Sham Coney Barrett Hearing

Oct 12, 2020 in Daily Beast

Dear Judge Amy Coney Barrett, You Can Stop This Disaster Before More Lives Are Lost, and Legitimacy Squandered

Oct 8, 2020 in Daily Beast

Obamacare and Maybe the Election on Supreme Court’s Docket

Oct 5, 2020 in Daily Beast

Clarence Thomas Puts Gay Marriage in the Court’s Crosshairs

Oct 5, 2020 in Daily Beast

How Amy Coney Barrett Would Cancel Abortion, LGBTQ Rights and Much More

Sep 25, 2020 in Daily Beast

Everything Democrats Care About Is in Danger With Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Sep 24, 2020 in Daily Beast

There’ll Be Hell to Pay as Republican Hypocrites Race to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Sep 19, 2020 in Daily Beast

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Outsider’s Champion, Has Died at 87

Sep 18, 2020 in Daily Beast

Lean Back

Sep 10, 2020 in 10% Happier

Why Masks Give Me Hope

Aug 5, 2020 in 10% Happier

Life, Death, Heartbreak, Disillusionment — Dylan’s First Album as an Old Man

Jul 12, 2020 in Forward

Everything Donald Trump Stands for Just Got Slapped Down by the Supreme Court

Jul 10, 2020 in Daily Beast

No, Chief Justice John Roberts Isn’t Liberal–He’s a Different Kind of Conservative

Jun 29, 2020 in Daily Beast

Supreme Court Overturns Trump Decision to Rescind DACA, Saving DREAMers for Now

Jun 18, 2020 in Daily Beast

In Historic Win With Shock Majority, Supreme Court Rules It’s Illegal to Fire Employees for Being Gay or Trans

Jun 15, 2020 in Daily Beast

How to See Strangers as Allies, Not Threats

May 19, 2020 in 10% Happier

Will the Supreme Court Treat Trump Like a President? Or an Emperor God?

May 12, 2020 in Daily Beast

Supreme Court Conservatives Lay Out Their Plan to Shoot Down America’s Gun Laws

Apr 27, 2020 in Daily Beast

Feeling Your Emotions in the Body

Apr 22, 2020 in 10% Happier

Trump’s Crazy Coronavirus Math Will Kill as Many as 1.8 Million Americans

Mar 25, 2020 in Daily Beast

How to choose a haggadah in the time of coronavirus

Mar 24, 2020 in Forward

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