The Georgia Trump Indictments Started a Fight That Democrats Will Win

Aug 17, 2023 in Daily Beast

Yes, Al Gore, giant vacuum cleaners might help save the planet

Aug 15, 2023 in CNN

Donald Trump may finally face his personal Yom Kippur

Aug 15, 2023 in Forward

What Jewish law says about Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Sanders and Respect for Our Elders

Aug 12, 2023 in Forward

Is it time for Jews to give up their Teslas?

Aug 7, 2023 in Forward

Why Don’t Some of Trump’s Biggest Critics on the Right Want Him Prosecuted?

Aug 7, 2023 in Daily Beast

Why this rabbi isn’t celebrating (or dismissing) the latest Trump indictments

Aug 1, 2023 in Forward

Donald Trump hiding ancient oil lamps?

Jul 19, 2023 in Forward

The GOP’s hypocrisy on antisemitism

Jul 19, 2023 in CNN

The Supreme Court’s Decision on Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination Is Incoherent

Jul 1, 2023 in Daily Beast

The Supreme Court Sold Its Soul to the Christian Right

Jun 30, 2023 in Rolling Stone

What Was Affirmative Action Really About? And What Happens Now?

Jun 29, 2023 in Rolling Stone

David Corenswet Is the First Jewish Superman. Here’s Why That Matters.

Jun 28, 2023 in Rolling Stone

Crackpot MAGA Theory (Thankfully) Loses at the Supreme Court

Jun 27, 2023 in Rolling Stone

Pat Robertson Is Dead. His Dystopian Legacy Lives On

Jun 8, 2023 in Rolling Stone

Why ‘Patriots’ Will Always Hate Queers Like Us

May 29, 2023 in Rolling Stone

Boring is Good: The Moral Case for Joe Biden

Apr 25, 2023 in Rolling Stone

Republicans Want to Break the Rule of Law to Protect Donald Trump

Apr 5, 2023 in Rolling Stone

A Place for the Primal

Mar 11, 2023 in My Jewish Learning

At Florida Universities, Big Brother DeSantis Is Watching

Jan 12, 2023 in Rolling Stone

There Are Lots of Jews in Hollywood. Let a Rabbi Explain Why

Dec 11, 2022 in Rolling Stone

It Looks Like the Supreme Court Will Not Blow Up Our Democracy (for Now)

Dec 7, 2022 in New York Magazine

Supreme Court Poised to Chip Away at Same-Sex Marriage

Dec 6, 2022 in Daily Beast

Thanksgiving and Enoughness

Nov 17, 2022 in 10% Happier

Democrats Didn’t Get Trounced. What Happens Now?

Nov 10, 2022 in Rolling Stone

Vote Like Your Family Depends on It. A Lot of Ours Do

Nov 4, 2022 in Rolling Stone

Republicans Want to Stop You From Voting. Here’s How to Fight Back

Oct 29, 2022 in Rolling Stone

The Allure of the Antinomian … or How Jacob Frank Seduced Me

Oct 28, 2022 in Evolve

The Joy and Dread of Autumn

Oct 21, 2022 in 10% Happier

The GOP Voter Suppression Machine Has a New Target: Trans People

Oct 20, 2022 in Rolling Stone

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