Jay Michaelson is…


… a freelance journalist at New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, and other publications, having previously been a columnist for The Daily Beast for eight years. He has written over 1400 articles on the Supreme Court, religion, sexuality, climate change, and other topics. Jay previously worked as a professional LGBTQ activist for ten years.


… a meditation teacher, editor, and podcast host at Ten Percent Happier, a leading meditation platform. Jay has written several books on meditation, religion, and spirituality. He is an ordained rabbi and is authorized to teach in a Theravadan Buddhist lineage.


… an affiliated assistant professor at Chicago Theological Seminary and visiting fellow at the Center for LGBTQ Studies in Religion. Jay holds a Ph.D. in Jewish Thought from Hebrew University and a J.D. from Yale Law School. His tenth book, The Heresy of Jacob Frank: From Jewish Messianism to Esoteric Myth, has just been published by Oxford University Press.


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Dr. Michaelson’s newest book is now available from Oxford University Press:

The Heresy of Jacob Frank: From Jewish Messianism to Esoteric Myth

The Heresy of Jacob Frank is the first monograph on the (anti-)religious philosophy of Jacob Frank (1726-1791), who, in the wake of false messiah Sabbetai Zevi, preached a radical philosophy of humanistic antinomianism and led the largest mass apostasy in Jewish history. Although he is little-known known today, Frank was once perhaps the most notorious Jew in Europe, widely regarded as a scoundrel and a villain.

Based on close readings of Frank’s late teachings, recorded in 1784 and 1790, The Heresy of Jacob Frank presents Frank as an original and prescient figure at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, reason and myth, Kabbalah and Western Esotericism.

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