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The Guardian · April 08, 2020

"There’s a myth about meditation that if you’re doing it right, you should feel bliss and calm and quiet in the mind,” says the meditation instructor Jay Michaelson. “Then, when you don’t experience that, you think you’re doing it wrong.” Michaelson suggests starting out with just five minutes of meditation. “If you can feel like 10% less of a wreck than when you started,” he says, “it’s totally worth it."

ABC Action News · March 15, 2020

"Meditation and mindfulness can be valuable allies in times like this," wrote Dr. Jay Michaelson, editor of wisdom content for "Ten Percent Happier." "Of course, they don’t keep you free from disease. But they can help you be free-er from panic, more able to protect yourself, and more in touch with your own inner wisdom and resilience."

State of Belief · February 15, 2020

"Dr. Jay Michaelson is a prominent figure speaking to topics of religion and politics today. He is a columnist at The Daily Beast and the author of eight books on religion, sexuality, law, and contemplative practice. Welton will speak with Jay about his new book, Enlightenment by Trial and Error: Ten Years on the Slippery Slopes of Jewish Spirituality, Postmodern Buddhism, and Other Mystical Heresies."

Jewschool · February 04, 2020

"Jay Michaelson is a rare commodity: an expert seeker. His expertise is well documented in the work he has produced in several contiguous but certainly wide ranging realms of thought. Mysticism, Buddhism, the phenomenology of religious experience, politics, sexuality, law and, not to be forgotten, Judaism. While I did meet Jay personally in a year we both studied in Israel, my own real introduction to how he wields his command of material was in the book God in Your Body, a work that I found to be a masterful explication of a number of complex systems of thought, mystical experience and patterns that recur in the lives of human beings. A book like God in Your Body is like an atlas mapping out page by page the locations and routes between these different practices and worldviews. If previous books provide maps, Enlightenment by Trial and Error is the travel diary of a cartographer."

Publisher's Weekly · December 02, 2019

"Rabbi and columnist Michaelson (God vs. Gay) brings together 35 essays in this contemplative and gratifying collection. Each essay was published in the online magazine Zeek between 2002 and 2012, and together the pieces present what he calls a “postmodern heretical hedonist travelogue” that dwells deeply on the nature of spiritual realization and responsibility."

Sierra · November 26, 2019

"Writing for The Daily Beast, columnist Jay Michaelson recently opined, 'Individual behavior change isn’t action—it’s distraction. . . . It shifts the blame from the actual causes of climate change to fake ones, and shifts attention away from meaningful actions to meaningless, psychological ones. . . . The focus on individual behavior makes fighting global warming more controversial while letting the actual entities causing climate change off the hook.'"

Judaism Unbound · November 22, 2019

"Jay Michaelson, who works as a columnist for The Daily Beast and as an editor for Ten Percent Happier, joins Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg about spirituality, heresy, and the prefix “un,” all through the lens of his new book, Enlightenment by Trial and Error."

Unorthodox · November 07, 2019

"Liel Leibovitz and author and teacher Jay Michaelson discuss faith, politics, and life in this unedited conversation."

SCOTUSblog · June 26, 2019

"This morning the court issued an opinion in Kisor v. Wilkie. The court voted unanimously to send the case of veteran James Kisor back to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which had upheld a decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs to retroactively deny Kisor benefits. . . . Early commentary comes from Noah Feldman at Bloomberg; Steven Schwinn at the Constitutional Law Prof Blog; Jay Michaelson at the Daily Beast; David French at National Review; Quin Hillyer in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner; Jonathan Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy; Lisa Soronen at the Council of State Governments’ blog; and Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress."

New York Times · January 16, 2019

"Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, the two newest conservative justices, have previously taken a dim view of federal officials who exceed limits on their power, The Daily Beast’s Jay Michaelson explains. “While it’s always possible that the Court’s conservatives will vote ideology over principle … their particular judicial philosophies do not bode well for the Trump administration’s brazen defiance of administrative law,” Michaelson writes."

MSNBC · April 04, 2018

"Jay Michaelson talks with MSNBC's Katy Tur about whether EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is "too corrupt to fire.""

Moment · March 22, 2018

"Jay participates in a symposium on "What is the meaning of 'God' today?""

Vox · September 21, 2017

"This is significant because, as Michaelson notes, we have a tendency to think of the history of Judaism — and, particularly, of the Jewish God — as static: a god who has been worshipped in the same way by the same people through millennia. "

Haaretz · July 24, 2017

"Michaelson accused AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israeli lobby which supports the legislation, of exaggerating its importance, thereby provoking a harsh response from the left that he says was not in keeping with the language of the draft law."

Times of Israel · January 25, 2016

"s a spiritual Jewish environmentalist, I have been thinking all day about Jay Michaelson’s recent piece in “The Forward,” “Why Most Jewish Environmentalism is Useless.” While his argument for change on a macro level is indisputable, his assertion that most Jewish environmentalism is useless is very problematic. "

Jerusalem Post · December 17, 2015

"Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson, a Jewish scholar, activist and cultural commentator, has undergone many changes and transitions throughout his life."

Wisdom Daily · October 28, 2015

"Have you ever picked up a book knowing that its arrival in your life at precisely this moment was a gift? That was my sense when I held Jay Michaelson's The Gate of Tears, subtitled "Sadness and the Spiritual Path." As I delved into the book (out this month in paperback), that sense only deepened."

State of Belief Radio · October 03, 2015

"Jay has an exciting new perspective to share in his latest work The Gate of Tears: Sadness and the Spiritual Path, which has been called, “A Stunning antidote to the plethora of ‘get happy’ guides.” Today on the show Jay will discuss his new book, and will offer his thoughts on the relationship between happiness and spirituality in our everyday lives."

Huffington Post · August 12, 2015

"Prosecutorial misconduct is a reality. So is the lack of any meaningful legal recourse for its victims. Over at The Daily Beast, Jay Michaelson uses the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri to draw attention to this pressing and increasingly well-documented problem."

Interfaith Voices · July 02, 2015

"Will the landmark decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide spark a showdown between gay rights and religious freedom? A Rabbi Jay Michaelson and a conservative Christian weigh in."

National Public Radio · April 02, 2015

"JAY MICHAELSON: This turns RFRA's logic on its head - so not just a case where I want to practice my private religious practice. But I, as someone who wants to restrict the rights of others, should be allowed to do so."

Media Matters · March 26, 2015

"As legal and religious scholar Dr. Jay Michaelson noted, these unintended consequences amount to a broad license to discriminate against LGBT people, because state RFRA laws could allow "individuals and businesses [to] exempt themselves from anti-discrimination laws by proffering religious objections to them.""

Washington Post · March 25, 2015

"In 2009, Jay Michaelson, writing at the Forward, penned a controversial piece entitled “How I’m Losing My Love For Israel” in which he noted that it was exhausting to defend Israel among his social circle. Whatever we might think of the validity of that reason, I remember appreciating Mr. Michaelson’s honesty and self-awareness. Getting to root causes can be painful and even embarrassing, but it reflects intellectual honesty that’s often difficult to come by."

The Week · March 24, 2015

"As Jay Michaelson pointed out recently at The Daily Beast, "sexual slavery is just a rhetorical frame for eradicating prostitution" to many in the anti-trafficking movement. "

DeSmogBlog · February 28, 2015

"Jay Michaelson at the Daily Beast has a brilliant summary of why these climate deniers matter, when their work is so discredited and marginalized in the scientific community."

Meet the Press · February 08, 2015

"Prayer Breakfast Dispute: Christianity and the Crusades"

American Buddhist Perspective · February 07, 2015

"In his insightful essay, subtitled: “Why Obama’s Meeting With The Dalai Lama Is An Empty Gesture,” Michaelson writes: Cham is a Tibetan ritual dance, a carefully choreographed ritual meant to bring blessings to the Buddhist community."

Advocate · December 05, 2014

"Using concordance research we see how the word translated as "abomination" (toevah) shows up elsewhere in scripture. We find that it more accurately means “ritual practice of another tradition that is prohibited to us.” (Thanks, Rabbi Jay Michaelson!)"

National Catholic Reporter · December 03, 2014

"And Jay Michaelson of the Daily Beast is careful to emphasize that even Francis’ most positive comments about gay people have marked only shifts in tone, not changes in doctrine."

MSNBC · November 18, 2014

"“Nobody is against religious liberty,” observed Jay Michaelson, who wrote a report for a progressive think tank on the phenomenon. “Liberals like it, conservatives like it.”"

Tricycle · October 29, 2014

"Indeed, Jay Michaelson, a contributing editor to The Jewish Daily Forward, claims that the Western practice of Buddhism is itself an invention of disaffected Jews."

Vox · October 05, 2014

"This point is echoed in a piece at the Daily Beast by Jay Michaelson, who says it's "worth reflecting on what the 'fine line' between education and advocacy really means.""

Towleroad · August 12, 2014

"In his piece in The Daily Beast, Jay Michaelson points out that this latest human rights infraction comes as the U.S. is seeking to “engage” Iran diplomatically as tensions continue to escalate in neighboring Iraq due to the emergence of I.S.I.S. and the subsequent unraveling of now ex-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government."

Patheos · July 24, 2014

"As Jay Michaelson observes in The Jewish Daily Forward, “Aronofsky’s Noah is a zealot. He obeys God too much, even to the point of threatening to kill his own family in order to extinguish the human race. He is troubled by the deaths of innocent people, but does not intervene to save them… unlike Abraham, who argued to save the lives of the wicked, Noah just follows orders.”"

Slate · July 10, 2014

"Jay Michaelson’s Daily Beast article on why women are losing in the courts while gays are winning."

Interfaith Voices · July 10, 2014

"Open any Torah, Bible or Koran, and the passages about homosexuality seem clear: being gay is an abomination. But these strict interpretations are changing."

Slate · July 10, 2014

"As it turns out, the wonderful Jay Michaelson explained it much better than I did in the Daily Beast."

Tablet · July 09, 2014

"And then there are thinkers like Jay Michaelson who don’t wish to do away with brit milah entirely, but who wonder if there’s a compromise: a way to perform the mitzvah in a way that removes less flesh."

Salon · July 08, 2014

"A useful reference is ”Redefining Religious Liberty: The Covert Campaign Against Civil Rights” by Jay Michaelson, published by Political Research Associates in March 2013."

Slate · July 07, 2014

"On Sunday, the Daily Beast published a thought-provoking post–Hobby Lobby piece by Jay Michaelson pondering why women are losing legal battles while gay people keep winning."

Heritage Florida Jewish News · June 20, 2014

"The recent survey by the Anti-Defamation League has been making headlines in the Jewish and non-Jewish media. Some articles see the research as flawed, and one rabbi, Jay Michaelson, claims that according to the survey, he, too, could be considered anti-Semitic."

Huffington Post · June 20, 2014

"This morning began with a discussion on HuffPost Live with friend and PR specialist Cathy Renna and author, activist and academic Jay Michaelson, currently a visiting scholar at Brown University."

Bay Area Reporter · June 12, 2014

"On the matter of social conservatives' efforts to empower discrimination against LGBTs, Jay Michaelson, Ph.D. offered his assessment."

Huffington Post · June 09, 2014

"If you want to learn ABOUT the Dharma then you can take one of my classes or read Jay Michaelson's impeccable, brilliant, and comprehensive “Evolving Dharma,” …"

Jerusalem Post · June 09, 2014

"Some believe that the study is a badly flawed and transparent attempt by the ADL to make a case for its own importance and overstate the extent of real anti-Semitism in the world. Forward columnist Jay Michaelson, a rabbi with a deep and lifelong history of commitment to Israel and the Jewish people, came to that conclusion."

Businessweek · May 28, 2014

"The idea that Type-A traders are seeking profit with the same tool that Buddhist monks use to achieve enlightenment might seem like sacrilege. Yet most people misunderstand meditation, says Jay Michaelson, author of “Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism, and the Next Generation of Enlightenment.”"

Forward · May 20, 2014

"Forward contributing editor Jay Michaelson has won the 2014 Deadline Club award for opinion writing."

Haaretz · May 19, 2014

"The three-minute video released ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 28 sparked controversy. Jay Michaelson on The Forward deemed it “the most tasteless YouTube video ever.”"

Jewish Week · May 16, 2014

"We needed Eric Fingerhut to demonstrate that there is an alternative to leaving Hillel altogether, as Jay Michaelson suggests, by providing students a serious seat at the table."

New Voices · March 24, 2014

"In his recent article in the Forward, Jay Michaelson argues that students who feel marginalized by the increasing tendency of right-leaning major Jewish organizations to air only those views which toe their institutional lines should vote with their feet and leave."

Patheos · March 11, 2014

"One of the best books I’ve read recently related to those themes is Jay Michaelson’s excellent book Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism, and the Next Generation of Enlightenment."

EDGE on the Net · March 01, 2014

"Jay Michaelson of Political Research Associates, a progressive political think tank, told CNN that Missouri and Georgia are "right behind" Arizona, regarding measures that would discriminate against the LGBT community."

The American Prospect · February 28, 2014

"The Citizens United of the Culture Wars"

CNN · February 27, 2014

"The buck may have stopped with Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona on Wednesday, but the fight to pass such laws bannered as religious freedom issues is still on in quite a few other states. "Right behind it are Missouri and Georgia," said Jay Michaelson, a fellow at Political Research Associates, a progressive political think tank."

NPR All Things Considered · February 25, 2014

"Arizona's Republican Governor Jan Brewer is being pressured to veto a bill that would allow business owners in the state to deny service to gays and lesbians. Jay Micahelson speaks with NPR's Ted Robbins on the issue."

Fusion · February 20, 2014

"Buzzfeed LGBT editor Saeed Jones and political research associates fellow Jay Michaelson explain how states are using "religious freedom" to draft anti-gay legislation and prepare for a future that includes same-sex marriage."

Religion Dispatches · February 18, 2014

"Yet despite common belief that the Bible condemns the "abomination" of homosexuality, as Jay Michaelson demonstrated here, the use of the translation "abomination," in both the Hebrew Bible and the King James Version of the New Testament, is highly questionable."

EDGE Boston · February 02, 2014

"At this discussion the featured guest is Jay Michaelson, whose 2011 book "God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality" made the argument that queer people enrich religious communities. Michaelson, a gay Conservative Jew and best-selling author on the topic of religion and sexuality, has made it his mission to speak out against religious intolerance and hostility."

Metro Weekly · January 30, 2014

"At this discussion the featured guest is Jay Michaelson, whose 2011 book God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality made the argument that queer people enrich religious communities. Michaelson, a gay Conservative Jew and best-selling author on the topic of religion and sexuality, has made it his mission to speak out against religious intolerance and hostility."

NPR · January 11, 2014

"Jay Michaelson, a fellow at the liberal Political Research Associates, wrote a report on "redefining religious liberty.""

Huffington Post · January 07, 2014

"But being good is not the same as being a good person who is a passionate Jew, manifesting our People's textured story, being fluent in, as my teacher Rabbi Jay Michaelson puts it, "the vocabulary of our own souls.""

Windy City Times · January 07, 2014

"The LGBT Global Rights Initiative is being coordinated by Dr. Jay Michaelson, a leading LGBT activist who was recently the Vice President of the Arcus Foundation, the leading funder of LGBT issues worldwide, and who coordinated the U.S. LGBT movement's response to the worsening situation in Russia."

Haaretz · November 14, 2013

"That said, writer and activist Jay Michaelson, who with Kleinbaum and Gessen participated in the discussion, feels the issue isn't just about gays. “It’s a crackdown on civil society as a whole,” he said."

Windy City Times · October 19, 2013

"Writer and activist Jay Michaelson unofficially calls his upcoming talk, "The Parts of the Bible Your Fundamentalist Cousin Doesn't Want You to Know About." Michaelson will be scholar in residence at Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism, 1221 County Line Rd. in Highland Park, on Nov. 1-3."

Beyond Awakening · October 07, 2013

"On Sunday, I was joined by Jay Michaelson for a scintillating, deep, and passionate dialog entitled “Evolving Dharma—and Evolving Practitioners.”"

Forward · August 22, 2013

"Jay Michaelson, a Jewish LGBT activist in the United States, said that the beating of gay men in Russia should serve as a “wake-up call to the Jewish community” that anti-gay violence in Russia stems from the same ultra-nationalism that feeds Russian anti-Semitism."

Times of Israel · August 13, 2013

"In addition to public expressions of outrage, Jewish activists are employing other strategies to protest Russia’s laws. For gay rights activist and author Jay Michaelson, organizing behind the scenes is equally crucial. "

Publishers Weekly · August 12, 2013

"Michaelson (God vs. Gay?) tackles difficult questions about Buddhism’s evolution in Western culture, as mindfulness practice grows slowly but steadily as a popular secular activity."

Wired · June 18, 2013

"As Jay Michaelson gleefully notes, talking openly about enlightenment is as big a taboo as there is in modern American Buddhism, where the exploratory journey trumps any metaphysical destination."

My Jewish Learning · May 30, 2013

"Jay Michaelson, a contributing editor to The Forward, recently wrote an article about the dangers of fundamentalism within Judaism. In my opinion, he hits the nail on the head (again). "

Forward · May 29, 2013

"Is the “unchecked growth of Jewish fundamentalism” the greatest existential threat to the fabric of American Jewish life? Our columnist Jay Michaelson seems to think so."

JTA Telegraph · May 28, 2013

"Culling headlines from a series of recent and not-so-recent scandals, Michaelson argued that contemporary haredi Jewry looks less like the benign world of Tevye, and more like “The Sopranos.” And if non-Orthodox Jewry doesn’t do something about it soon, it will be demographically overwhelmed."

Jewish Press of Tampa · May 24, 2013

"Michaelson noted that especially for older congregants, “going from zero to 100 percent acceptance” is not easy, and offered a “feel, felt, found” approach to conversations with those reluctant to embrace the LGBT community. He said it goes along these lines: “I know how you feel, because I felt that way too, but now I found a different view.”"

Jewish Press of Tampa · April 19, 2013

"Jay Michaelson, who grew up in Tampa, and is now considered one of the top LGBT religious leaders in the country, will be one of the panelists."

Haaretz · April 14, 2013

"The conference organizers have lined up a top-flight array of speakers, including the transgender memoirist and poet Joy Ladin and Jay Michaelson."

NY1 · March 25, 2013

"Park Slope residents Jay Michaelson and Paul Dakin spent Sunday preparing for Passover dinner. The couple got married after New York State made same-sex marriage legal in 2011. "

Windy City Times · March 24, 2013

"Religious liberty campaign strikes at gays for discrimination"

AlterNet · March 19, 2013

"With fairness and precision, author Jay Michaelson documents how the principle of religious liberty has been manipulated to play on the fears and values of both conservatives and progressives, as well as secularists and people of faith."

The Week · February 07, 2013

"Jay Michaelson agrees: "Marriage has always been a matter of state law, and DOMA has been unconstitutional since the moment it was passed.""

Jewish Quarterly · December 25, 2012

"Jay Michaelson … uses a distinctly Judeo-Christian values-based theological vocabulary to argue a considered, articulate political case for gay rights in the USA."

Washington Jewish Week · November 07, 2012

"During the weekend, participants heard remarks from Nehirim's founder and best-selling author, Jay Michaelson"

New York Times · August 22, 2012

"I corralled a video crew, and began studying books on same-sex marriage (Jay Michaelson’s “God vs. Gay?” and Maggie Gallagher and John Corvino’s “Debating Same-Sex Marriage,” among others)."

Religion Dispatches · August 06, 2012

"As Jay Michaelson argues, we can “recognize millennial thinking in our own minds,” and mine seemed to always expect—briefly, quite irrationally—an undoing of the world."

JTA Telegraph · July 30, 2012

"In an essay that's likely to raise some eyebrows on the left -- and be cheered by the right -- Jay Michaelson, a prominent American Jewish progressive voice and gay activist who writes a column for the Forward, comes down hard on the Jewish left wing for its hypocrisies when it comes to Israel."

Haaretz · June 20, 2012

"Coming out was the most Jewish thing I ever did."

Ynet News · June 17, 2012

"The flaw of Jewish leadership development"

Jezebel · June 06, 2012

"Why Don’t We Hear More About Attacks on ‘Flamboyant’ Transgender Women?"

MSNBC · May 27, 2012

"Jay Michaelson said that Worley’s comments are “undermining the efforts of more moderate gay-bashers like the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins to disguise anti-gay bias as something other than hatred.”"

The Nation · April 17, 2012

"Mark Jordan and Jay Michaelson seek hope for gay religious practice in heretical churches and the Hebrew Bible."

Jewish Week · April 10, 2012

"Are You There God? It’s Us, The Jews"

The Advocate · April 06, 2012

"Supporting LGBT equality isn’t just a good social value, it’s a religious one, writes Jay Michaelson in God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality."

New Voices · April 02, 2012

"Jay Michaelson was the hero of the panel, maybe even of the entire conference."

Lambda Literary · March 20, 2012

"God vs. Gay? nominated for Lambda Literary Award"

CBS News · March 17, 2012

"What are appeal’s chances in Rutgers bias case?" · February 23, 2012

"Jay Michaelson & Friends serve up an evening of learning, and fellowship"

Religion Dispatches · February 05, 2012

"God or Gay, No Need to Choose Sides"

J. Weekly · January 26, 2012

"Is finding a happy medium on Israel largely impossible?"

Your Public Media · January 20, 2012

"Where We Live [Podcast]: God vs. Gay"

Patheos · January 20, 2012

"The Anxiety Over America’s Shifting Spirituality"

Heeb · January 09, 2012

"Book Review: God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality"

Gay & Lesbian Review · January 01, 2012

"To Accept is Divine"

New Voices · December 17, 2011

"My Big, Fat Halakhic Gay Wedding"

JTA · December 05, 2011

"At Orthodox mental health group’s forum, openly gay Jews get their say and some support"

New Voices · December 01, 2011

"Israel’s LGBT community caught in poorly aimed crossfire"

The Advocate · November 29, 2011

"Gay Wedding Ceremonies Become Issue for Conservative Jews"

Jewish publications (other) · November 25, 2011

"Everything is G-D book review"

Berkeley Patch · November 17, 2011

"God vs. Gay: Does it Really Have to be a Choice?"

State of Belief · November 15, 2011

"With scholarly insight and painful personal experience, author Jay Michaelson goes far beyond debunking the 6 verses of scripture so often used to condemn LGBT persons by conservative religious leaders."

j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California · November 10, 2011

"Author presents a clear winner in ‘God vs. Gay’"

Washington Jewish Week · October 26, 2011

"Being gay and religious"

Huffington Post · October 20, 2011

"Inspiring LGBT Religious Leaders"

Metro Weekly · October 19, 2011

"Religious Enrichment: Jay Michaelson argues that gay people enrich religion"

Publisher's Weekly · October 18, 2011

"Publishers Weekly Review of God vs. Gay"

Booklist · October 01, 2011

"Booklist Review of God vs. Gay (requires login)"

Village Voice · September 27, 2011

"Michael Musto: The Bible is Actually Pro-Gay (Review of God vs. Gay)"

Lambda Literary · September 27, 2011

"Queer Rites: God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality"

Library Journal · August 15, 2011

"Library Journal Review of God vs. Gay"

Jewish Chronicle · February 20, 2011

"Radical Now? Review of Everything is God and Radical Judaism"

WNBC · June 15, 2010

"Jay Michaelson on The Debrief with David Ushery"

Forward · June 08, 2010

"Forward Wins Two Awards"

USA Today · March 26, 2010

"One God, two holidays: Passover & Easter at Jewish-Christian tables" · February 12, 2010

"The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism: Interfaith Implications"

Religion Dispatches · January 20, 2010

"Yearning For A God We Can Live With" · January 01, 2010

"Rabbi Lawrence Kushner discusses "Everything is God."" · January 01, 2010

"Taste It and You Will See That God Is Good"

The Forward · December 17, 2009

"‘Religion Is Actually Spirituality’: An Exchange"

Maariv · November 18, 2009

"Tomer Persico’s review of Everything is God" · November 04, 2009

"Jay Michaelson is God (and so are you)"

CNN · October 30, 2009

"‘New Jews’ stake claim to faith, culture"

The Jewish Week · October 20, 2009

"Is Jay Michaelson’s God Too Mushy?" · October 12, 2009

"MAKOM’s response to Jay Michaelson"

Forward · October 09, 2009

"After Utopia, Loving Israel"

Forward · September 30, 2009

"Even This Review Is God"

USA Today · September 18, 2009

"Love for Israel torn between myths, facts: Jewish writer"

The Atlantic · July 01, 2009

"Re-Engineering the Earth"

Edge Magazine · April 19, 2008

"Edge Magazine Review of Another Word for Sky"

The Jewish Week · April 16, 2008

"Tibet Takes Its Place At The Seder Table"

Salon · April 02, 2008

"The Sun Blotted Out from the Sky"

The Independent · March 07, 2008

"What they don’t teach at Sunday school: the joy of Old Testament sex" · January 30, 2008

"Velveteen Rabbi Review of Another Word for Sky"

Too Jewish Radio · November 18, 2007

"An Interview with Jay Michaelson"

Time Out New York · October 18, 2007

"Forbidden Fruits: The Queer Shabbaton celebrates a pair of not-so-strange bedfellows: Judaism and gayness"

The Advocate · September 17, 2007

"25 Rabbis walk into a room…" · August 19, 2007

"God in Your Body (review)" · March 05, 2007

"Velveteen Rabbi review of God in Your Body"

Jvoices · February 20, 2007

"Sacred Sexuality: An Interview with Jay Michaelson"

Bay Area Reporter · February 15, 2007

"If the spirit moves you"

Lethargic Man blog · December 13, 2006

"Notes from Limmud 2004: “Women Who Rub: The Rabbis Talk About Lesbians”"

New York Magazine · May 21, 2005

"God Is in the Deltoids" · October 14, 2004

"What’s between a sauna and a mikva: It’s possible to combine Judaism and Queerness"