Elise Stefanik’s Calculated Demagoguery on Antisemitism and Free Speech

Dec 6, 2023 in Daily Beast

The Ascent of Chana Rivka Kornfeld

Dec 5, 2023 in Both/And

It’s time for Israel’s far right to go

Nov 30, 2023 in Forward

Psychedelics in a World at War

Nov 30, 2023 in Both/And

What I’m thankful for (even) this year

Nov 22, 2023 in Both/And

Why is there a generation gap over Israel? Because of 20 years of the Israeli right

Nov 22, 2023 in Forward

Israel’s hostage deal makes the best of an impossible situation

Nov 21, 2023 in Forward

George Santos Is the Most Comically Dumb Con Man of All Time

Nov 16, 2023 in Daily Beast

When soldiers are hiding in hospitals, what is the morality of attacking them?

Nov 15, 2023 in Forward

Why Are We Being So Awful?

Nov 15, 2023 in Both/And

Meanwhile, Let Us Freak Out About Donald Trump

Nov 9, 2023 in Both/And

Rep. Tlaib’s Israel-Hamas statements were offensive. Censuring her was even worse

Nov 8, 2023 in Forward

Time to Go on a Media Diet

Nov 3, 2023 in Both/And

What the ‘genocide’ charge in this war gets right — and wrong

Oct 31, 2023 in Forward

What is a Ceasefire?

Oct 31, 2023 in Both/And

Bibi’s War: How Incompetence, Opportunism, and Rejection Led to a Catastrophe for Israel and Palestine

Oct 29, 2023 in Rolling Stone

What Then?

Oct 23, 2023 in Both/And

The Israel-Hamas War Has Scrambled the ‘Cancel Culture’ Tribes

Oct 20, 2023 in Daily Beast

Calling Israel’s actions ‘genocide’ harms the cause of human rights everywhere

Oct 20, 2023 in Forward

Israel/Palestine: Poetry Edition

Oct 17, 2023 in Both/And

What does Jewish law say about the war between Israel and Hamas?

Oct 13, 2023 in Forward

What Can Help?

Oct 13, 2023 in Both/And

Spare us your explanations about what’s happening in Israel

Oct 10, 2023 in Forward

Your Jewish Friends are Not Okay Right Now

Oct 8, 2023 in Both/And

Digging Deeper into Christian Nationalist Messianism

Oct 5, 2023 in Both/And

The Love and Dread of Autumn

Sep 29, 2023 in Both/And

Dianne Feinstein was tenacious and contradictory — just like American Jews

Sep 29, 2023 in Forward

Why Sukkot is my favorite Jewish holiday

Sep 28, 2023 in Forward

The Trans Conversation We’re Not Having

Sep 26, 2023 in Both/And

The Freedom of Not Knowing

Sep 21, 2023 in Both/And

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