Spirituality Online

Some of Jay Michaelson’s first public teaching was in the area of spirituality.  While Jay no longer teaches Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical and esoteric tradition) outside academic settings, he continues to offer occasional meditation retreats in the Jewish and Western Theravadan Buddhist tradition, a lineage in which he is formally authorized to teach.

For the last several years, Jay has been interested in how spiritual practice can be integrated within the large amount of time many of us spend online, and how information technology can be used to spread once-obscure forms of spiritual teaching and practice.  Below are some resources Jay has created for this purpose.


Learn Kabbalah.com.

This site contains a basic introduction to core principles and texts of the Kabbalah and, most importantly, information on what to look for, and avoid, in finding a teacher for yourself.






 Really Short Teachings.

The most useful spiritual teachings are often the shortest ones.   This mini-site offers a few Really Short ones suitable for web surfing.


Articles about meditation by Jay Michaelson.