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articles » Environmental issues

Supreme Court: If It’s Worth It for Corporations, Pollution May Be Okay

June 29, 2015 in Daily Beast

Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical is even more radical than it appears

June 19, 2015 in Religion News Service

2015 Is the Hottest Year On Record

May 16, 2015 in Daily Beast

Florida Quietly Bans the Words ‘Climate Change’ in Environmental Protection Docs

March 09, 2015 in Daily Beast

Salmon Vs. Gold Splits Alaska GOP

March 09, 2015 in Daily Beast

Armageddon for Climate Change Deniers

February 23, 2015 in Daily Beast

How Canadian Oilmen Pinkwash the Keystone Pipeline

December 28, 2014 in Daily Beast

New York’s Conservative Fracking Ban

December 20, 2014 in Daily Beast

Extreme Weather? Blame the End Times

November 28, 2014 in Daily Beast

Is Caring About Climate Change an Essential Part of LGBT Identity?

September 21, 2014 in Daily Beast

Let’s Make Climate Change the New ‘Third Rail’ of American Politics

September 19, 2014 in Forward

For a Keystone XL Pipeline Grand Bargain

March 29, 2014 in Forward

Why Climate Change Denial Is Biggest Conservative Lie of All

February 08, 2014 in Forward

Climate Change is a Sin—Here’s How to Repent For It

January 15, 2014 in Religion Dispatches

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to Lie About Climate Change Has Worked

October 17, 2012 in Daily Beast

Why Climate Change is Bad for the Jews

February 07, 2012 in Zeek

Why Liberals Should Be Outraged by the Tim DeChristopher Sentence

July 27, 2011 in Huffington Post

Hasidism and “Nature”: Negation and Affirmation

January 17, 2011 in Zeek

Geoengineering and Climate Management: From Marginality to Inevitablity

December 14, 2010 in Tulsa Law Review

Plovers vs. Crows: Cape Cod’s Moral Dilemma

July 20, 2010 in Mother Nature Network

Taking Avatar Seriously: Environmentalisms, Spiritual and Practical

January 13, 2010 in Forward

Silence is golden — and green

November 09, 2009 in Mother Nature Network

The Messy Yard of Tomorrow?

June 09, 2009 in Mother Nature Network

Sun Rises on Ancient Ritual

April 07, 2009 in Mother Nature Network

Environmentalism: Good for the Jews

February 05, 2009 in Forward

Is Environmentalism a Jewish Issue?

June 01, 2008 in Jewish Publications (other)

Thinking Green: It’s Not Just a Virtue — It’s Your Jewish Duty

December 24, 2007 in Forward

Apocalypse Now: Climate Change and Israel

July 03, 2007 in Jewish Publications (other)

Spiritual Pioneers See a Different Shade Of Judaism: Green

February 02, 2007 in Forward